How To Give An Amazing Sensual Massage

Sensual massages are different to other massages. They focus on emotional intimacy between you and your partner, while also giving great physical therapy, relaxation, and arousal to the person receiving the massage. Here at Escort Norway we have some tips to help get you started.


Massages are best done when you have had the chance to prepare everything in advance. Lay out an area for your partner to comfortably lie down. If you have a specialist massage table, ensure it is clean. If you are using a bed, remove the quilt and put some pillows to the side for them to rest their head on.

Shop around for the right massage oils to ensure the best sensual massage. Talk to your partner about what smells they like and choose one appropriate for their desires, or opt for an unscented one if you aren’t sure.


Woman receiving massageThere are a few different ways to ensure the sensual massage moves in the right direction for you both. Firstly, you should start at the top of the body and work your way down. Don’t touch them in a place that could be erotic for them unless they are completely ready and happy for you to do so.

Light strokes along the back might help to relax them and also tease them, so some may not like it. Test first to see if they enjoy it.

Pressure and friction can work hand in hand to ensure their muscles relax. Put your fingers on their upper back and rub in small circles, applying some pressure. If they react positively to it, such as by moaning, continue this all over their body.

Take your time

The worst thing to do when giving a sensual massage is rush. Take your time and hold out for as long as you can, to ensure your partner is completely relaxed and ready for the next step.

For more tips, why not book half an hour with one of the massage escorts in Oslo? They will have some great tips to help you give a great sensual massage, and experiencing one for yourself will help you understand what to do.



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