Giant Condom Rises In Germany!

World AIDS Day is a huge event each year, with so many things going on to help raise awareness of this issue. In Germany they decided the best thing to do was create a giant blow up condom… cue the terrible puns!
Panoramic photo of a German city

The 9 metres tall sculpture was erected in the city of Hanover by the German Foundation for World Population, who aims to highlight the fact that the developing world has a distinct lack of contraceptives. As you can imagine, the sculpture gained rising popularity and people were gagging to see it in all its glory.

The original plan, the activists revealed, was to use the giant Johnny to cover a local erection, namely the clock in the city’s square but were unable to slide it on. Instead it stands up, tall and proud, just next to the clock.

Sex sculptures

It isn’t the first sex themed sculpture in Europe to have popped up. Back in 2009 another giant condom, this time lying on the floor as though discarded, was put up in Milan to try and raise awareness of AIDS prevention.

Just last month over on Escort Scotland we wrote about the sex toy sculpture that appeared in Paris and the reaction of the people to it.

As you can imagine people had very mixed feelings about it. The Parisian sculpture was supposed to look like a Christmas tree but looked more like an anal butt plug. Different people interpreted its meaning in different ways. With this sculpture it is hard not to see it as it is… a giant inflatable condom standing proudly in the busy city.

Sex and art

Hard to believe that so many sex related sculptures would be getting up this year. Are we suddenly more open about sex in Europe or are these just one-off pieces that will never make an appearance again? Are we starting to count sex as an art form? To be honest, given some of the crazy positions they get into in porn seems to be like a ballet, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was!

Will the sculpture do the trick? The activists are hoping it will raise awareness of the fact that a lot of developing countries don’t have the kind of contraceptives that prevent the spread of AIDS, but isn’t a giant condom just poking fun at the subject or is it drawing the eyes of the world to this very important matter?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments down below or head over to the Escort Norway forum and tell us what you think there.

Anna Smith

Anna Smith

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Anna Smith

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