Getting To Know Madison Ivy

It’s hard to go anywhere on the internet at the moment without finding Madison Ivy sexy body popping up somewhere, and this impressive porn star is making a huge impact on the pants of many men around the world, especially here in Norway! So what is it about Miss Ivy that we love so much?

Sexy woman licking her lips

Small but mighty!

The German born porn star was raised in Texas, giving her a really hot mix of German heritage with some American attitude in there. She has been very outspoken about a huge number of issues she believes we need to address in the world, but that isn’t what most people notice about her.

This sexy bombshell is quite small in size, coming in at 4 foot 11 inches. Despite being small in size and finding herself towered over by her co-stars on the screen, she has proved her skills to make us hard and wet and wanting her. She has managed to climb to the very top of our favourite porn stars lists, and here in Norway we absolutely love her.

It probably also helps that she is incredibly flexible, thanks to her work as a yoga instructor (those hot yoga pants porn videos are amazing) and a personal training, so she can definitely keep up with everyone she shares the screen with. It makes for some passionate and energetic fucking that we could easily spend hours watching and jerking off to.

Throughout the years she has gathered a huge number of film credits to her name and she has received a number of different awards and nominations for her talents throughout the years. If you’re wondering where you recognise her from, it might be her awesome scenes with Eva Angelina, Jenna Haze, and Nina Hartley in the film “Not Bewitched XXX”, which definitely got us all going! If that isn’t enough of a reason to love her, an interview with Fox Magazine had her revealing that her trademark sex position in her movies is to put her legs behind her head while she is fucked. This just makes every fantasy involving her hot body even hotter!

She is pretty much the porn star for all seasons, as in her earlier years in the industry she had a petite frame, small tits, and blonde hair to excite you. Following breast augmentation surgery back in December of 2009, she now boasts an impressive 32E chest and hot brunette hair that we would love to run our hands through as she kisses her way down our bodies.

A social media goddess

Madison Ivy is great in her videos. She knows just the right way to move to get us going, and her enthusiasm with both men and women on screen is amazing! It definitely gets men hard and women wet to see her using her tongue like that.

However, a lot of her fans have found themselves keeping up with her using social media, and she has quickly become a goddess on Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter she has a huge 302,000 followers, and on Instagram there are 384,000 people liking her hot and sexy snaps.

The best thing about her using social media is that they aren’t just dead accounts. Some celebrities will set up an account and barely use it, while Madison Ivy and other porn stars will keep using their social media pages to share their saucy snaps and let you know about the hot projects they are working on at the moment. Her Twitter account has over 5,000 tweets, and on Instagram you will discover over 400 pictures and videos of her teasing you.

Currently Miss Madison Ivy sits at the number one spot on Pornhub, with a whopping 239 videos there for you to watch of her doing hot and steamy things to other people, including her girlfriend Heather Starlet. Her sexy videos on Pornhub have over 30 million views, and it is easy to see why from the video above!

What to expect in the future?

It seems that Miss Ivy is going to stay at the top for a while, as she has plenty of nominations and awards that she can get in the future. It seems pretty clear that she has won the hearts and hard ons of many around the world and especially here in Norway. At the moment she is the most searched for porn star in the country, and that might have something to do with her first anal scene in a porn that made an appearance last year. It is definitely hot stuff!

She said in an interview that her first anal sex scene might have been as “fucking awesome” as it was because she had a huge part in creating it. She didn’t just star in the scene – she designed everything about it. She wrote the script, designed the costumes, and planned every little detail out for it. It was her baby and she was determined to see it succeed, which might be why it is so popular!

Given the rate that she is taking on cocks and sexy things to try in videos, as well as the fact that she believes you should do everything in the bedroom to make your partner happy and squeal in delight, we are looking forward to seeing what she has to offer in the future. How she can top her work so far we don’t know, but she seems pretty determined to try!

Are you a Madison Ivy fan? Do you think that her petite body and big boobs are the best that you’ve ever seen? Have you got a favourite video of hers that you’d love to share with us? You can let us know either by leaving a comment in the box below or by heading on over to the Escort Norway forum and joining in the discussion over there.

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