Gamers Hire Escorts To Play With Them

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to date an escort. It could be they simply want some sexy company, or perhaps they are looking for a date for that special event. Whatever your reasons, we don’t judge. It’s your choice.

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However, recently it seems that clients in China are hiring escorts for something totally different. They are hiring them to play with them… and not in the way you might be thinking. That’s right, they are turning escorts into gamers.

A bad reputation

Much like the world of escorting, the gaming industry has a bad reputation. For many years we have heard people talking about the apparent link between video games and violence, as their influence is thought to “corrupt” people into doing despicable things.

Of course, many studies have proven that, actually, there is no link between violence and video games… but just because studies have disproven it, doesn’t mean people believe it. Sound familiar?

People are continuing to show how negative an effect video gaming can have on you. In fact, just this week we heard about a leading psychologist claiming that “excessive use of video games and porn” is leading to “a crisis of masculinity”.

His reasoning? “Our focus is on young men who play video games to excess, and do it in social isolation – they are alone in their room.”

Basically, the Stanford University professor Phillip Zimbardo is suggesting that, by not going out and being more sociable, gamers aren’t being manly and doing the masculine things we expect of them – like meeting up with women and having sex.

Play for $16 an hour

Well, this new form of escorting is aimed at those gamers who can’t tear themselves away from the controller, but want to spend some time talking to a sexy woman.

Referred to as gamecasters, these women can get paid between $3 and $16 an hour to play video games with someone… and being an expert gamer isn’t even a requirement of the job!

“If a woman has a sweet voice,” an escort brokerage firm rep said in a recent interview, “this will be even more popular than any gaming skills she might have.”

So basically, as long as you have some skills with gaming by knowing the basics and have a voice that others would love to listen to, you could get paid to play video games with others… and you could actually earn a lot!

One of the firms seeking escort gamers has spoken about just how much money there is to be made from a role such as this. While an experienced gamer can received roughly $485 a month, the best out there are thought to be able to receive sums of up to $1,300 each month!
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Secret sex society?

This story is turning a lot of heads, as many of the clients claim they are using the service to try and beat loneliness. Instead of playing games alone, they will conquer them with some sexy company whispering in their ear.

However, many have raised concerns that the huge demand for gamecasters is actually all a front, and that in reality they are seeking women to have sex with. They believe it is all a cover for prostitution, and the clients are cleverly using gaming as a way of finding out if the escort is right for them.

The Times newspaper discovered that many of the players and clients using this service will actually request to meet their escort gaming partner offline so that they can have sex, and this has raised some concerns.

However, one gamecaster spoke out about this, saying that while men will regularly ask for sex, the escort companies themselves say that their escorts don’t actually offer any sexual services.

The demand for gaming escorts is at an all-time high in China, which suggests that having a minimum supply doesn’t actually stop the demand. If anything, it makes the demand even greater!

Would you do it?

I can see where the appeal has come from. Many find the idea of sexy gamer girls to be a huge turn on, and being able to play video games online with them is a huge plus for many.

Online streaming services such as have also increased the demand for sexy girl gamers, as those streaming can choose to show a video of themselves at that moment in time. You can watch someone playing your all-time favourite game in a low-cut top and short skirt, if that is what you want.

Being able to then play video gamers with these sexy women? That is extremely appealing. You don’t have to go looking for someone, as the Chinese agencies can put you in contact with the perfect partner, and having a sexy voice in your ear encouraging you while you’re stuck on a particularly hard level can be a great way to make gaming even more enjoyable than it is while reducing the levels of stress.

It probably doesn’t hurt that gaming with others can actually be very enjoyable and make this relaxing past time even better.

Would you ever ask a gamecaster escort to join you while you game? Is the idea tempting, or would you rather go it alone and spend time with the escorts later trying other exciting activities? You can let us know your thoughts by visiting the Escort Norway forum, or you could leave a comment in the box below.

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