Five Reasons Jerking Off Is Good For You!

Did you know that, in America it is ‘National masturbation month? Yes, May is the month where the USA celebrates jerking off as an integral part of men and women’s sex lives.

It was brought about 20 years ago when the Surgeon General of America had to resign for saying kids needed to be taught that masturbation was normal and healthy.

This is why the Escort Norway blog has decided to bring you five reasons why masturbation is good for you.

Here goes.

Man looking down his pants

1) It Reduces the Chances Of Prostate Cancer

According to a study in 2004, a ‘high ejaculation rate’ reduced the chances of getting cancer.

That’s good enough for me!

2) It Fights Depression

It seems the serotonin and dopamine released during orgasm combat depression, much in the same way as traditional anti-depressants do.

I know it always cheers me up!

3) It Reduces Stress

Maybe unsurprisingly, masturbating relaxes the body, and therefore reduces stress and blood pressure.

4) It Builds Muscles

I don’t mean in the arm, I am talking about the pelvic floor. As we get older, these muscles get weaker. That is why they need constant work to keep them in tip-top shape.

It also helps stop erectile dysfunction when you get older, which can only be a good thing.

5) It Makes Stronger Sperm

Going five days without ejaculating can be really bad for the little guys, so when you are going for a while without a partner, it is advisable to keep the flow regular.


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Well, we hope that gave you some extra encouragement (if any was needed) to go and tug one off.

If that isn’t enough, why not give one of the Oslo escorts a call? They can certainly give you a memorable time!

Happy masturbation month everyone!

Anna Smith

Anna Smith

Anna Smith entered the adult industry in 2015. From that moment on, she has become one of the foremost writers around, using her sex industry expertise to bring her readers many fun and fact filled articles.

She is most well known for her sex advice pieces, yet also has a major interest in sexual health and other serious issues. However, this is all done with a quirky style that is unmistakably hers.

When she isn't working, Anna is a fitness fanatic, and enjoys going away with her partner for various weekend trips.
Anna Smith

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