Five Mistakes Men Make in Bed

All men like to think they are pretty good in bed. Hey, I am yet to met a guy who admits to being crap. However, there is no chance that we are all as good as we say we are. I am pretty sure that if we put cameras in the girls toilets of any pub or nightclub we would A) probably end up in prison and B) we would end up hearing some pretty shocking things about our sexual performance.

Man and woman looking unhappy in bed
It was horrible night for both of us

This is why your friends here at Escort Norway are bringing you five things that guys do wrong in bed. I am going to guess we all do at least one of these wrong. Still, with this guide, you will be able to improve that sexual performance and leave that woman in your life with a rather big smile on your face.

1) Sex Doesn’t Start in The Bedroom

For most guys, sex starts as soon as you get into bed. However, most women like to be seduced earlier on. Actually, according to sex therapist Ian Kerner, a simple hug can get the oxytocin (the hormone that makes the woman feel connected and trusting) flowing. If you can get her excited before you even get under the sheets, she will have a far better experience.

2) Don’t Presume You Know What She Wants

A lot of men have a set routine that they think works for every woman. However, what they fail to realise is that every woman likes something different. What you need to do is listen to her body when you are engaging in foreplay and sex. If you can tell that she is liking something, keep doing it. Any guy with a ‘formula’ just comes across as robotic.

3) Keeping It Strictly Physical

During sex, men focus on mostly on the physical. However, women love to fantasise and be mentally stimulated also. This is why guys should whisper in their ears, telling them how much they want them. They can even throw in a few fantasy’s they have as well. Trust me, it will send the ladies wild.

4) Don’t Expect Women To Orgasm Through Intercourse

Most women actually find it easier to orgasm through fingering of the clitoris or oral sex. Indeed, it can be very difficult to make them orgasm through actual sex because most positions don’t directly stimulate the clit. So remember guys; oral and touching.

If you do want to make her orgasm whilst you have sex, then get her to the point of orgasm before you enter her. Then it may only take a few strokes to send her to heaven.

5) Focusing on Direct Clitoris Stimulation

Some guys actually mistake the clitoris for just being the small button you can see. In fact the sensitivity and nerve endings spread throughout the vulva and into the vagina. So make sure that you touch those areas as well.

Actually, just to add, the part of the clitoris we all know is actually really, really sensitive, and can actually be too sensitive if touched too much. This can actually be painful for the woman. There is another good reason to spread it about a bit

So do you recognise any of these mistakes? Go on, be honest! Or even if you can’t be honest, just keep them in mind!

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Martin Ward

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