How To Find the G-Spot!

It’s not enough to just have sex with a girl, you want to make sure they have the best sex ever! It’s one of the greatest feelings you can have and it makes the time you spend with someone well worth it. It’s adult playtime and in order to succeed, you have to know where the best areas are to get someone off.

Almost everyone has heard about the g-spot. Once you’ve found that area on a woman, you can have access to some of the best sex you’ve ever had. You can stimulate her better for longer and get her to orgasm in a short amount of time. Even more interesting is that fact that men have g-spots too! If you or your partner know how to get to it, it makes the experience a hell of a lot better. Let’s find out where they are.

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The Female G-Spot

The different parts of the female body that are sensitive to touch are called erogenous zones. These are sometimes mistaken for g-spots, and you would think that women have them everywhere. These are only sensitive during touching, kissing, and massaging and when you pay attention to them, they can help get her off , but they’ve got nothing to do with the g-spot.

The g-spot is in the vagina. Most guys think it’s just about penetration and friction. Sure, you’ll stimulate this area okay but if you don’t make it the centre of attention, you miss your chance of really making an impression on her.

You might have thought the entire vagina was the g-spot but it isn’t. The g-spot is located three inches into the vagina, on the upper vaginal wall. If you insert your finger in there, you do a ‘come here’ motion and it’s there, like a little cluster or wad of nerves. While you’re here, you might try tickling that area to get her going. But be careful, you don’t want her to orgasm just yet! Be gentle but still firm. Try stimulating this spot with two fingers by massaging it for a bit. You’ll see her start to react

In a way, another spot could also be considered a g-spot because of how stimulating it can be. It is located further into the vaginal canal. This is a sensitive area that reacts with prostate stimulation and like the male prostate it discharges fluid. If you’ve ever seen gush porn then you know what we’re talking about.

During deep penetration, when you get to this area further back, you’re hitting a hot spot that will make a woman orgasm so hard that she might gush out fluid everywhere. Some women have mastered the art of this reflex to pay-the-bills. Imagine the impression you’ll make here too.

If the woman has experienced this before they are more likely to try it with you and let you know how to do it.

The Forbidden Male G-Spot

Guys don’t seem to realize that they have a g-spot too. It’s awkward to talk about, but nature put a button there so you can get off too.

It’s actually located in the anus, and around a few inches into the anal canal. Imagine your partner getting this area while your having sex? It’s like a buzzer you never knew you had and it makes good times so much better.

A lot of men can’t really appreciate this unless they’ve been curious to try it out. Women who know about this spot may try to use it during sex, so they can increase the guys pleasure. Imagine both of you hitting your spots at the same time? If you’re curious to find out what it’s like, try to add it to your routine when you masturbate. Who knows, maybe take the day off to go exploring. You might have to clear your schedule and call in the next day too!

It’s stimulated the same way as the g-spot on a woman is. This area is a walnut shaped gland that you can massage slowly and deeply. As we said, you may have reservations about it because of where it’s located, but if you take the leap you may enjoy it.

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Making The Most Of These Spots

With all the experiments and studies done, we know for sure that there is no other place on the body that can be stimulated like this – for both men or women. Still, you want to make sure that you pay attention to other areas at the same time before you go find the g-spot.

If you want to spend time learning how to stimulate them and get the most out of your experience, spend some time with one of our escorts in Stavanger. They will gladly show you how to get the most out of that g-spot.

Learning where the g-spot is opens you up a whole new world for you.. The escorts will show you the way and make you better in bed, it just takes real practice. It takes some time to get it right, but it’s like the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”

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Anna Smith

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