Why Are Fetishes More Popular?

Over the last ten years the numbers of people with an interest or fetish have come forward. More than ever, people are searching for the more unusual porn or items they can use to make their sex life that little bit more exciting.
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What has prompted this sudden interest in the world of BDSM? Why are people eager to take part and allow their mistress to control them? Here on Escort Norway we look at what may have prompted this change.

The media

The media has played a large part in putting fetishes out there. It has been an education for people, discovering a world they may not have otherwise known about. For many, they see the acts as strange and unusual, something they would simply not enjoy. Others watch and are fascinated, thinking that this is what they have needed all along.

Spreading the word about fetishes has created a larger base of people who enjoy taking part in them. The interest in things like scat or watersports has increased, making them more popular than they were before.


If the media wasn’t enough to spark the interests of others, fiction has spurred it on even more in the last five years. The Fifty Shades of Grey novels have really brought to light the world of domination and submission, and just how they can be part of a relationship.

Now many are hoping for the kind of hard sex and rough sex they have read about in novels and other works of fiction. They desire to give their control to someone else and let them lead them to pleasures they didn’t know existed.

The internet and porn

Many porn websites have a section for the newest or the latest watched porn films, meaning that curious people browsing the site might find themselves stumbling onto something fetish and enjoying what they have found.

They may watch more and develop their fetish through watching others experience it, before learning more about their fetish by looking online. The internet is a fantastic place for those sharing a fetish to go. Just look at the Escort Norway forum! They love talking about fetishes there.


Some people may feel they need something a little more interesting to spice up their sex life. They may talk to their partner about what they wish to try or even go to a sex shop to see the different toys available.

People experiment in bed. If they didn’t, sex could become boring with just one of two positions used and sex happening at the same time each night. Experimenting gives people the chance to learn their interests in a safe environment.

What do you think is the main reason for the rise in fetish? Comment down below or explore the Escort Norway forum to see what others think.



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