Essentials You Need To Know For Your First Escort Date

If you have never been on a date with a beautiful courtesan before then you will have no idea what to expect. You want to make sure things go as smoothly as possible, which is why it is a good idea to find out what is expected of you before you have your first escort date.

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We have put together this handy guide containing the essential information you will need to know for your first escort date. Give it a read before you book an escort and you’ll find that things go a lot smoother.

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Finding your perfect escort

The first step is finding your dream escort. This might seem like a simple task, but you want to find the perfect courtesan for you. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your options.

A lot of clients choose to use the Escort Norway search. The search allows to to use your own preferences to find your dream date. It takes no time at all to use, and you can even search by location if you know you will be travelling around on business and hope to enjoy a little pleasure during your stay.

By using the search you are going to save yourself a lot of time. It is so quick and easy to use that you could have found the right escort for you and read all about them before you finish reading this article. So it is worth a try, right?

Making the call

You’ve found that special somebody you want to have your first escort date with. The next step is making contact. You might prefer the idea of speaking through emails and texts, but most escorts prefer you to call them to arrange a date.

It can be terrifying at first, which is why it is a good idea to have what you want to say already in your head. It can also help to write it down if you think you might forget in the heat of the moment.

Make sure you have a date and time in mind for your appointment. You should also have some back-ups just in case they are busy. When you call, get straight to the point. Don’t try to spend half an hour on the phone to them, as the escort might think that you are a time waster. Instead, be clear that you want to make an appointment with them.

Sometimes you might have some niche interests you want to explore with them. If so, ask if they are comfortable talking over the phone about them. They might ask you to email with further details, as talking on the phone about these can make some escorts feel uncomfortable.

Once you have gotten your time and date of the booking, check to see what confirmation they require. Some escorts like to receive a call an hour before the booking, just to make sure it is still on.

Getting to the location

When heading to your appointment, make sure you set off in plenty of time. It is a good idea to check for parking available in the area before you go. Otherwise you could end up driving around for hours to find a good parking space.

By giving yourself extra time to get to the location you are covering your tracks for a number of different things. If you hit traffic or get lost, you have time to spare. This means that you won’t end up arriving late and missing out on your booking.

You should also make sure you stop at a cash machine to get the right money for your chosen escort. Most escorts don’t keep cash on them, so arriving with the right amount will save a lot of hassle. Don’t wait until you are at the location to get the money though, as cash machines have a tendency to be “out of order” when you need them the most.

Once you have arrived at the location, call your chosen escort to let them know you have arrived. If you do find that you are going to be late, let them know as soon as possible. Tell them what time you expect to get there. They might want to cancel the appointment or reschedule. If they don’t, don’t argue. Simply take it as a lesson to arrive earlier in the future.

Starting your date

Once you have arrived at their place they’ll greet you and welcome you into their location. Make sure you get the business part out of the way first. The sooner you hand over the payment the soon the fun can start!

You will then be offered a shower. You might have taken the time to shave and take a shower before you set off, but you will be nervous for your first escort date. Taking the chance to have another shower lets your freshen up again and de-stress a little.

Still feeling nervous? Let your chosen escort know that it is your first escort date. They will know just what to do to help you relax. Take a deep breath and trust them to ease you into it.

Your first escort date

What happens next on your first escort date will be something you will not forget! You’ll have an unforgettable experience that you might want to share with others. If so, you should submit an Escort Norway review.

These reviews have been written by clients just like you. Make sure you mention that it was your first date in the review, as this can help other first time punters see that this is the escort to see. Leaving feedback is also a great way to thank them for their time and companionship, so what are you waiting for?

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