Why Escorts Won’t See You if You Are Drunk

Imagine that tonight you are going to have a date with a hot and sexy girl. You don’t know her yet, but you have talked with her about what you are going to do. The plan consists of meeting in the main street of the town, and then walking while you are looking for a place to have a dinner. It’s seems like it is going to be a great night, both of you have agreed that after the dinner, you can have some drinks at your home. This means that the night may get even better.

Drunk man passed out with a glass of whiskey

During the date, there is an ingredient which surely won’t fail, that is alcohol. For most people, it is very useful in the moments we want to celebrate something or simply to socialize with others. Alcohol helps us to become more spontaneous, stop thinking and focus on having fun. This shows the positive side of drinking, but on the other side, we found that it’s not always easy to find balance when drinking.

In nearly all cases, a couple of glasses are accepted, provided that you are in a relaxed atmosphere. However, you should know when to stop or where you are going to cross the line between enjoying the moment you are sharing and starting to be annoying for the people who are around you.

Having a date and enjoying it are reasons enough to share some drinks with your partner. In fact, it may be shocking for her if you only drink sodas or water, although obviously, it depends on the individual. There is a certainty in all this issue, and it’s that an escort won’t see you or stay with you if you are drunk. In the end, at any encounter we should ensure that we follow two standards: respect and safety, so for these, getting drunk won’t help us.

Alcohol changes everything

In the same way, some drinks stimulate us to enjoy the moment, they also change our perception of reality, and it may go against us. Sometimes it might happen that you are having a great time, but your escort is not. Maybe she didn’t drink as much as you did or alcohol changes your behavior and it doesn’t make you feel as good as you think. Of course, you won’t notice this if you are already drunk, that’s why she may not want to stay with you anymore.

Put yourself in her shoes, it’s not easy to deal with someone who is not totally aware of their reactions, and clearly, she is not there to support and take care of you while you are getting drunk. Then, if you want to drink during a date with an escort, the best you could do is to fall short of drinking. Do not wait until you feel the first symptoms of alcohol.

Not thinking could ruin your date and bring fatal consequences

Once you have drunk more than your body can digest, a lot of unfortunate things could happen. As I said before, firstly, the escort won’t stay with you and abandon you in the middle of the date. That’s nothing if we compare it with other cases, for example, she may stay with you, and both of you go home to end the night there. Maybe you are drunk enough to not want to put a condom on, which upsets the escort. Needless to say that it turns a pleasant moment into a bad and uncomfortable situation.

This example shows that if you drink more alcohol than you should, you can put yourself at risk, but also the safety of your partner. There is no doubt that the escort will have a big reason to not spend the rest of the night with you and maybe to not see you in the future.

In short, alcohol is not forbidden in a date and finding balance is not easy. To make it easier, we should follow the two principles: respect and safety, with them you will make sure that your encounter with an escort will be amazing. If you really have enjoyed the experience with her, and she has also found you lovely, you could also propose to her another date. Reaching this point, don’t you have the desire to meet an escort tonight? Don’t waste your time, and look for a sexy one on our website!

Stella McGregor

Stella McGregor

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