An Escort’s Most Common Clothing Requests

As an escort I get asked to try many different things by clients, from the frisky and fun to the strange and bizarre. Yet there are a few things I get asked for a lot, and all involve what I wear. Here are the top clothing requests I receive from clients.

sexy stockings


Stockings are an essential part of my wardrobe, and I will only not wear them if the client asks me not to. However I still find a lot of clients ringing up and requesting them, or asking if I can model stockings that they bring with them, despite the fact they are effectively part of my uniform. There is nothing sexier than sliding a stocking up your leg, except for taking it off!


I cater for those with a foot fetish, so it is hardly surprising that clients will call up and ask to take me shoe shopping or model my collect for them. I have too many heels to count and will sometimes keep them on during the main event to give the client a little thrill when they see the stiletto.

School uniform

Another big ask is for sexy outfits and costumes, but lately I have been getting more and more requests for a sexy schoolgirl uniform. I put my hair up, either in pigtails or a ponytail, button my blouse nearly all of the way and leave it untucked from my short plaid skirt. Combine that with white stockings and a small heel and it is enough to make any man melt!

Crotchless knickers

If you have never tried wearing crotchless knickers, I highly recommend it. I find myself wearing them most when I am on dinner dates in a short skirt or dress, so that I can give my partner a teaser of what they will get later on. It is such a thrill to know that there will be nothing stopping them later on when we are getting back to the hotel room.

What are your favourite things to ask an escort to wear? Share them with me in either the comments section or the Escort Norway forum

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Martin Ward

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