Escort Talk – My First Escort Girlfriend Experience

I had been escorting for a while and never had the chance to be booked for a girlfriend experience, that all changed when I got a call from a customer called Jeff. He asked me to be his date for the night and attend a work function, finishing with sex in his hotel room, of course I agreed and began to excitedly plan for the night ahead.

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I arrived at the Dorchester Hotel in London, the most exclusive hotel in the country, used by celebrities and even the Queen. I was really excited when I arrived and pleased with my choice of clothing, a sheer red gown, with diamontes on the strap and diamonte enstudded heels wrapped round my feet. I was sure of how striking I looked, due to the eager glances of passing strangers.

Jeff came to greet me at the reception, he was dressed in a gorgeous designer suit and warmly embraced me. This was going to be an interesting night.

Dinner And Drinks

We attended the work function, set in the large dining room and was served a sit-down dinner of sumptuous food and a glass of wine to match every course. Jeff stroked my leg under the table and I could tell he was getting more and more excited as the night went on.

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After the dinner we mounted the beautiful staircase and went to our room, a penthouse suite at the top of the building. It was breathtaking. Jeff asked me if I would join him for champagne on the rooftop in the hot tub. I was more than eager to oblige. I undressed and joined him naked in the hot tub.

Hot Tub Sex

He immediately began kissing me, kissing my neck and lips softly. It then grew more heated, me pulled me on top of him, putting on a condom he had beside him and I began to ride him in the bubbles of the hot tub, we both groaned at the sensation and he kissed my breasts and nipples forcefully, biting them one by one.

After he had me ride him, he perched me on the side of the hot tub and entered me doggy style, he pushed his hands on top of mine and pushed himself into me, grinding me deeply against the side of the tub. The sensation was amazing and I bit my lip, finding myself so aroused I climaxed, moaning. It was unusual for me to be so open with a client, but the girlfriend experience had entranced me so much, it had made me feel more intimate with Jeff, in fact it had worked a treat.

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Hot Sex

On hearing me climax, Jeff was more spurred on and we decided to come to the bedroom to heat things up further. He entered me, pulling my legs up, while we soaked the bed with hot tub bubbles. With my legs erect he slammed into me over and over until he came, exploding all over my stomach. It was very erotic. Jeff asked me to stay the night, and after agreeing to a different price I decided to stay with him.

Breakfast With A Bang

In the morning Jeff woke more horny than the night before and we had sex in the shower before he left for work. Next minute, there was a knock at the door and a waiter dressed smartly wheeled in a breakfast tray. I sat in the penthouse and drank bucks fizz and ate salmon and scrambled egg for breakfast before leaving, feeling refreshed, happy and certainly fulfilled with my first girlfriend experience booking.

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