Couple To Lose Jobs Over Office Romp!

Sex in the office is a big fantasy for many. After all, you can sneak around and have that forbidden sex you’ve always wanted… maybe even at the desk of a colleague you really hate to give yourself a reason to smile when you see them.
Sexy secretary

That said, it is a fantasy that we advise you not to act on. Why? If you aren’t careful, it could cost you your job, as one couple in New Zealand have learned the hard way.

Friday night romp

The couple, who have not been named, were staying late one Friday night to, we assume, “catch up on some paperwork”… and by that we of course mean they wanted to have sex instead.

I can imagine what it was like… they have been flirting mercilessly for a long time now and the tension between them became too much. They begin to kiss and one thing leads to another as they begin to have sex in the office.

After some time and a lot of pleasure, they get dressed again and share some wine to celebrate their new union. Sounds quite romantic, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the couple made one vital mistake.

The lights in the office were, as you can imagine, on. Seems pretty sensible, but when you consider that it was actually dark outside and there was a busy bar opposite, it might not have been the smartest move for the couple.

“The whole pub was watching”

Lately, the popularity of mobile phones and internet means that you can post anything from anywhere. As you can imagine, combining this with the offices location is a recipe for disaster!

The poor unfortunate couple not only attracted a large group of watchers, but they were also filmed and photographed. If that wasn’t bad enough, the pictures then found their way onto social media websites where they were shared and “liked” thousands of times.

One poster stated that “the whole pub knew about it and was watching, while they were totally oblivious to it.”

If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, some of those in the pub that night said that the couple were so interesting that the band there stopped playing while most of the bar watched the couple through the windows.

In serious trouble!

As a result of their late night activities, the couple are now in serious trouble.

Not only are the facing disciplinary action at work, but if the inquiry feels their behaviour was actually serious misconduct, then they could lose their jobs too.

The Chief Executive of the company that the couple work for, Grant Milne, stated that “we take these matters very seriously. It’s not the type of behaviour we condone. It’s very disappointing.”

However, he also pointed out that social media means it doesn’t only reflect badly on the couple, but also on the company as “one of the challenges of social media is the inability to control things.”

Look at all of the celebrities who have had embarrassing or private things shared on the internet. If they ask for it to be removed, some take it as a challenge to keep it there for all to see. Is that what we want?

What do you think about this? Are the couple getting what they deserve, or did they simply choose a poor spot for a romantic evening? Let us know by using the comment box below, or visit the Escort Norway forum and share your thoughts over there.

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