Councillor Found in Prostitutes Room!

A Cincinnati councillor is in major trouble after he was found in the room of a suspected prostitute.

Beautiful slim body of woman in studio
Beautiful slim body of woman in studio

Rich Cox claimed he was in ‘the wrong place at the wrong time’ (you can say that again) after he was spoken to by officers upon leaving the motel room of Min Guo.

Mason police officer Sean McCormick wrote in a police report that they staked out the motel after they received tips about a an advert on, which is an escort website.

The ad, for a woman in the Mason/Kings Mill area, described her as “SUPER SWEET” with an “ACCOMMODATING personality with an ANGELIC FACE & SEXY BODY to match.”
“The ad also displays 6 pictures of a female in either a bra or topless,” the officer stated.

15 Minute Wonder

A man, identified as Cox entered the room, and came out approximately 15 minutes later. He stated that the woman in the advert wasn’t the woman in the room, and the prostitution or massages weren’t taking place in there. Either that, or he was just embarrassed about only lasting 15 minutes. I know I would be!

“They asked me if I saw anything illegal, blah blah blah, and I said no,” Cox said. “I wouldn’t know what a prostitute looks like, I have no idea.”

Cox said he was at the motel because he had been asked to deliver a note by an older Chinese man, who he presumed was the girls father.

“He was visibly upset,” Cox said. “You could see he was upset. He was panicking.”

When the note, which wasn’t in English , was delivered to the young lady, he stepped into the room.

“She was trying to call him, read the note, asked some questions, so… it was not very long,” he said.

When the police entered the room, they found Guo in a mini-skirt with cash hanging out of her jeans. There were also condom wrappers in the trash can.

Cox said he has “nothing to hide” and that his wife is mostly upset because she believes he put himself in harm’s way.

“She understands it’s not prostitution, she doesn’t have a problem with that,” he said. “She has a problem with me getting in a situation trying to help somebody. So what does that do for me? That makes me not want to help people. And that’s sad, that’s a sad state.”

Helpful or Horny?

Well, it has to be said, Mr Cox is either the world’s most helpful man who decided to pass on a message about what to get for dinner to some random Chinese prostitute, or he has been well and truly busted. A cynical man would think that the message was a thumbs up from the Chinese pimp to the girl as to whether she should see this guy.

I have no problem with anyone seeing escorts, I really don’t. My issue comes when people who are in positions of authority are such hypocrites. There are so many politicians who do everything they can to push escorting and prostitution underground, yet in their spare time, they are seeing them themselves. What price a little honesty?

Now if Rick Cox is completely innocent of this, then I do apologise. I just find the whole ‘meet random Chinese fella, deliver a note into a Chinese prostitute’s motel, then leave shortly after’ story pretty implausible. On that score, I’m pretty sure I’m not on my own!

We will keep you up to date with the developments in this story.

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