Chastity For Charity Raises Over $50,000!

No sex for a year sounds like a nightmare, but for one Melbourne man it was the way he chose to raise money for charity, and he’s managed to raise over $50,000 (that’s over 290,000 Norwegian Krone)!

How It Started

Peter Lynagh was complaining to a friend how much he hated the single life of partying and one night stands. When he said he was going to give up women and sex, a friend said he couldn’t go for even a week without sex.

Man sitting and looking into distance.The matter escalated between the two until a $2000 bet was placed, saying that Lynagh couldn’t go a year without sex.

The Rules

The rules were simple. For an entire year, from the 1st of January 2013, Lynagh wasn’t allowed to jump into bed with anyone. Kissing was still allowed, but anything else would be breaking the rules.

Going Further

After friends on Facebook went mad for the idea, Lynagh realised he could do more with the money.

“I had a flash of inspiration that I could give that money to the charity,” he said in an interview.

Would He Do It Again?

When he was asked if he would ever do the same again, Lynagh commented “I don’t think I would do no sex again for a year, I would like to do something else crazy and out there and different”.

I doubt I could cope without sex for a year, but I’ve done plenty of interesting things for charity, as have some of the escorts in Rogaland. Would you try no sex for a year for charity?

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Martin Ward

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