Couple Hospitalised After Using Carrier Bag as Condom!

Here at Escort Norway, we have always been a big supporter of safe sex. It is imperative that everyone engages in it, and in the escort industry, it is no different. However, when we talk about safe sex, we do mean the right type of safe sex, and we don’t mean blatant idiocy. The latter is what you have in this story from Vietnam.

A pile of crumpled plastic bags.

A couple having sex for the first time were left with serious injuries and in need of hospital treatment after they used a carrier bag as a condom. Yes, you did just hear me right.

Needless to say, both suffered abrasions, genital lesions and bleeding. Welcome to the world of sex, people!

According to Doctor Nguyen the Luong (yes, that does seem to be his real name) the couple were both college students and the boy was too shy to go out and buy actual condoms.

According to the doctor, plastic carrier bags won’t work as condoms because they have no elasticity or lubrication. This can therefore cause vaginal scratches and tearing. Well who would have thought that, eh?

Cultural Differences Over Safe Sex

According to a study by the Medical University of Hanoi and Hanoi Medical College conducted on 2,700 students from six universities in Hanoi, 16% of students claimed to have had intercourse, but only a third said they had used a condom the first time.

This appears to come down to the fact that 25% of them said that they found buying protection ’embarrassing’.

I really shouldn’t laugh. There will be a lot of cultural issues here I guess. This is why promoting protection must be so important in this part of the world.

When you have youngsters thinking it is a better idea to use a plastic carrier bag, rather than buying condoms, then you know there may be an issue. It is probably better to put this down issues prevalent in that society, rather than writing these two off as a pair of morons. Yes, what they did WAS moronic, but there are reasons!

Still, I really can’t help but laugh! I am getting cruel in my old age!

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