The Brazilian Miss BumBum Competition!

It is a funny time for the world. Only in the last few days, Donald Trump has become the President of the United States of America. In such a climate, we need something to cheer us up. Well, thankfully we have this. The Brazilian Miss BumBum competition winner has been announced.

Erika Canela

For those who don’t know, Miss BumBum is the woman who has been voted as having the best ass in Brazil. And when you have seen the women from over there, you will be able to guess how hot these women are!

A Popular Event

Samba queen and model Erika Canela was selected as a winner during the final at a Sao Paulo nightclub.

The event is understandably very popular, with 10 million people voting for the 15 candidates.

Plastic surgery is OK, but not in the bum area, with many contestants presenting x-rays to prove everything is natural.

However, as seems to be the case with everything these days, these girls managed to offend a number of people by doing a mock up of the Last Supper.

Organiser Cacau Oliver defended the poster.

“We’re not offending the church, this is just a staging,” Oliver reportedly said.

Canela was the first black winner and took home 50,000 reais (about £12,000) which is a rather healthy amount.

Is Miss BumBum Sexist?

To be fair, there have been some accusations that it is sexist and that it ‘objectifies women’. I have to say, what a load of nonsense!

These women haven’t been forced at gunpoint to enter the competition. Instead, they have volunteered to show off their beauty. That is their right as a free person. Why feminist groups try to get involved in this has always been beyond me. Why don’t they mind their own business?

So thank you Miss Canela, at a time where we need it, you have brightened up our day.

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Martin Ward

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