Bra Stops Bullet! (Video)

We tend to have a love/hate relationship with bras. They keep our boobs under control throughout the day, stopping them from going wandering aimlessly or giving us black eyes when you jog up a flight of steps, but we can’t wait to get them off at the end of the day.
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Men can’t wait either. If you have a man around and find yourself struggling with the catch of the bra, you can be sure they’ll unfasten it quicker than you can say “would you mind?”. Then they’ll have a grope, get a hard on, and you’ll end up fucking.

The Wonderbra!

For one woman living in Brazil, she is never going to look at a bra the same way after hers saved her life.

Ivete Medeiro, living in Belém, was working in her shop when she heard a lot of noise outside. The noise was from a robbery, and Ivete went to investigate. As she went to see what was going on, the thief accidentally fired off a round, and the stray shot hit her in the chest.

You can only imagine how scary it would be! Thankfully, her life was saved because she was wearing a bra, as she tells in this video interview.


As you can guess, when she looked as though she’d been shot everyone panicked. At the beginning of the above video you can see people helping her back into the shop and looking after her.

At first, her husband was demanding an ambulance be called because she’d be shot, but she told him that she hadn’t and could only feel “a little burning sensation”. There was no blood, and so she thought she was okay.

However, she noticed a small hole in her dress near to where the pain was. When she looked, she found the bullet had actually hit her, becoming lodged in the wiring of her bra. Her bra definitely saved her life!
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A lucky escape

Given how many Brazilian gun crimes end in accidental death, this woman is extremely lucky. The wire of her bra must have been in the perfect position to stop the bullet – it isn’t something that happens every day!

So, bras aren’t only good at keep things under control and teasing your man with lace, but they can also save your life. Good to know!

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