Best Foot Forward: The Foot Fetish Guide

There is something incredibly sexy about a foot fetish. You get to stare at your partner’s gorgeous and sexy legs as they tease you, and the fact that it is a taboo just makes it even more exciting.
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Yet many people aren’t sure what to expect when it comes to a foot fetish. They think they will have to dive straight in with it, and that puts a hell of a lot of people off. Here on the Escort Norway blog we take a look at exactly what you should expect from a foot fetish and how you can ask for it.

Talking about your fetish

By now, you should have an idea of just how open to ideas your partner is. If they seem to be unadventurous and not willing to do much experimenting in bed, then the chances are you might get knocked back from talking about a foot fetish.

Instead, you should take your time and try to steer your conversation towards that. Lay the groundwork by telling them how sexy they look in those shoes, or how amazing their legs are in that skirt. It will help to make them feel comfortable about the attention you are giving their lower limbs.

Had a big night out? You can turn this to your advantage. Offer to give them a foot massage to make them feel better, but don’t dive straight for the feet. Start on their legs and work your way down to their foot, rubbing it carefully and checking their reaction.

If they are reacting positively and see perfectly okay with the attention you are giving them, now is the time to talk. Explain to them how you feel. Don’t go on and on about how it started – simply be straight and to the point. “I want you to know that I have a foot fetish” works better than saying “an ex-girlfriend ran their foot up my leg during dinner and it was the sexiest thing I’ve ever felt”.

You should also give your partner time to react. Once you’ve said it, watch them and see how they are handling the information. If you feel the need, ask them what they think, but make sure you give them the time to process it first.

Start off slowly

Don’t expect your partner to immediately jerk you off with their feet. It takes a little more time than that, and unless they are completely open to the idea of foot fetish, they might want to warm up to the main event.

A good way to ease them into it is by giving them a foot rub. We’ve already mentioned this earlier, as it is a good way to establish how they feel about you touching their feet, but it is also a good way to get them used to the idea that this turns you on. You don’t have to kiss and suck on their feet at this point – you can simply enjoy rubbing them.

If you enjoy nothing more than the sight of your woman in sexy shoes, tell her this. Ask her to wear the ones you like most of all, and just watch her strut around in them. You could even ask her to keep them on during sex for that little extra thrill!

For some, they enjoy the idea of foot worship and shoe worship. This is where you would give their feet or shoes some love, by getting on your hands and knees and kissing them. While this isn’t for everyone, suggest the idea to your partner first and take it slowly to see how they react.
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Getting in to it

When you find you are getting more into it, that is when you can try out the more exciting things in the bedroom involving feet. Most people assume that having a foot fetish is all about getting a foot job, but it can actually be about a lot more than that. There are so many different things for you to do in the bedroom involving feet that you might not have thought about before.

Why not try out some new positions in the bedroom? Go for the positions that allow you to get close to their feet, such as her ankles on your shoulders so you can kiss her feet or suck on her toes as you’re fucking her, or giving a cheeky foot massage while your mouth is occupied in the 69 position.

From there you can easily move onto a sexy footjob. Get lots of lube ready and let your partner take their time. They might want to jerk you off for a while with their feet before moving on to using their mouth, or they might want to go the whole way and get you to come on their feet. Just make sure you give them a warning before you blow your load, in case they aren’t quite ready for that yet!

Do you have a secret foot fetish you are struggling to talk about, or have you got some other suggestions about what to do with your partner’s sexy feet? You can tell us your thoughts by using the comment box below, or you can head to the Escort Norway forum and join the discussion over there.

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