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Zoe Jaspers has worked in the adult industry for over a year, but she has already gained a fantastic reputation in the field. As a writer, she is passionate about bringing the reader some of the most interesting blog content around. She is possibly most famous for her erotic stories, but is equally adept at giving top quality sex advice, all the time bringing in her 'personal experiences'. When she isn't sharing her most intimate encounters, Zoe keeps herself active by watching videos on Youtube, and listening to music.

Why is Norway Searching for ‘Overwatch Porn’?

As if Hentai isn’t weird enough, you Norwegians are looking up gaming porn now, what is up with that? Just kidding, everyone is always eager to try out the latest kink on the internet, and what’s not a better kink than watching your favourite gaming characters fucking each other on your laptop screens? Continue reading Why is Norway Searching for ‘Overwatch Porn’?

The Top 4 Advanced Positions For 69

There’s nothing better than doing the ultimate 69 position with your childhood sweetheart, or your short-term girlfriend, or even from a fuck-buddy that you’ve met at a nightclub on one average Saturday. But every once in a while, you want to step up your clit-licking game, and make your girlfriend remember that one night when she looked like a Chinese puzzle and sprayed a fountain of cum at the same time. Continue reading The Top 4 Advanced Positions For 69

The Top Three Porn Blogs on Tumblr to Follow – By Zoe Jaspers

From my understanding, Tumblr is a sanctuary for millennials and internet enthusiasts to thrive in their subcultures. It’s a social media platform where they can get famous from all of the grunge fashion photos they reblog on their accounts, or where they can just laugh at ‘breaded cat’ pictures all day long. Continue reading The Top Three Porn Blogs on Tumblr to Follow – By Zoe Jaspers