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Martin Ward is a well respected editor and writer with over five years experience in the adult industry. After stints in the Escort Advertising call centre and on the escort forum, he moved into the site editor position around three years ago. Since then, he has specialised in articles on the battle for equal rights for sex workers, sexual health, as well as bringing the readers fun news from around the world. He also has a major interest in LGBT rights, and is an active campaigner in this field. When he isn't fighting the good fight, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, and young daughter. He also enjoys reading and taking long walks.

Dog Finds 10 inch Dildo in Bushes and Loves it!

Things have been quite depressing recently. You have the possibility of nuclear war in North Korea, race protests in the USA, and war in the middle east (again). It is enough to make you want to turn off the TV or your computer and just curl up in a ball and cry. However, there are reasons I don’t do that, and sometimes there are just stories that make us smile. This one about a dog making friends with a 10 inch dildo was just such a story. Continue reading Dog Finds 10 inch Dildo in Bushes and Loves it!

Aussie Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Causes Uproar (Video)

Here at Escort Norway, we have always been huge supporters of gay marriage, and it seems that the next battleground will be in Australia where they are having a non-binding postal vote to gauge public opinion on changing the same-sex marriage law. Well, if this advert calling for people to vote AGAINST any change is anything to go by, it is going to get bloody. Continue reading Aussie Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Causes Uproar (Video)

Five Awful Excuses For Sex Injuries

There must be nothing worse than going to the hospital with a sex injury. Just imagine it; you are sat there in pain, and then this young female doctor comes and asks what’s wrong. You will either tell her that you did it whilst having sex, or you will think of an absolutely ridiculous excuse as to why you are there. There are plenty of people in the latter section. Continue reading Five Awful Excuses For Sex Injuries

Man Gets Sex Doll of His Dead Wife!

We all know that sex dolls are becoming life like. What once was the realm of seedy guys who never left their bedroom in their parents house, is now part of millions of men’s houses all over the world. One day they will be as accepted as vibrators and dildos are for women. However, I never thought that I would see this development I just read about. And actually, I am glad I did. Continue reading Man Gets Sex Doll of His Dead Wife!

The Ultimate Guide to Pleasuring Breasts

There are big, small, asymmetric, natural, botl-ons, sagging, round…there are as many boob types as days in a yearly calendar, however, there will never be enough! Tits are one of the things that drive us crazy the most, but, are you aware of the amazing weapon you, literally, have in your hands? Knowing how to properly pleasure breasts can make her feel in heaven as women can actually get a real orgasm with nipple stimulation. It is scientifically proved that there are hundreds of nerve endings connecting boobs and the clitoris. In fact, a recent study from Cosmopolitan says that 29% of women have felt or will feel nipple orgasms during their lives. Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Pleasuring Breasts