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US Porn Lawyers Claim Right to Hire Kids

These days the porn industry is like the decrepit whore walking through the streets of old, getting stoned by passers-by as she makes her way to the stocks. And there really is no shortage of stones to throw – from the moral judgements our society juggles on a daily basis to the horror we express when confronted by an unending stream of even-crazier porn. Continue reading US Porn Lawyers Claim Right to Hire Kids

Celebrities are the True Porn Stars

These days you’re likely to hear as much about porn as you are to see it. It’s still the same story – an industry bound by controversy, crippled by its inability to escape moral judgement and stigma. To this day, porn’s marginalisation to the murky edges of society is reflective of our surviving inability to deal with taboo discourses, and always the opportunity for progressive discussion is squandered by short-sightedness. Continue reading Celebrities are the True Porn Stars

Lawyer Spends £600,000 on Escorts

The pull of the call girl is a powerful thing. Like the tempestuous Siren luring sailors within a dark storm, escorts have the power to captivate men of all backgrounds and ages. Alas for one Manchester man, the Siren’s call has taken him to the rocks; his compulsion for escorts and sex lines has not only led him to financial ruin, but also to a four-year prison sentence. The reason? He paid for his lascivious escapades with his clients’ money (elderly clients no less). Continue reading Lawyer Spends £600,000 on Escorts

Why Are Transexual’s Becoming more Popular?

The world is a funny place. Once upon a time the perception of transexuals was so archaically skewed that any public acknowledgement was, at best, tabooed. Way back when, the most people understood about transexual behaviour was a faint curiosity to the other sex usually expressed in drag or a general interest in their mother’s clothes. Continue reading Why Are Transexual’s Becoming more Popular?