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Gabriella Zene is an American writer who joined the Escort Advertising team in early 2016. Since then, she has gained a fine reputation, and adds a high level of sex industry expertise to the team. She is certainly most famous for her informative, yet hilarious looks at sex from around the world. However, she is also well known for her erotic stories, as well as her blogs on sexual health, which she sees as vital in helping out men and women everywhere. When she is not knocking other trending articles out of the park, Gabriella likes walking her pet dog, and eating at nice restaurants.

Eight Positions To Make Her Orgasm

Every sexual position has its time and a place, and while dames love them all, there are particular positions that are specifically geared to make her go bonkers. Knowing how to arouse her G-spots is like stroking a kinky lamp while patiently waiting for its orgasmic genie to arise. It’s a sexy fact, giving her a mind blowing orgasm will show her that you’re not just a taker, you’re a kinky giver. Continue reading Eight Positions To Make Her Orgasm

12 Apps That’ll Spice Up Your Sex Life

Apps are down-loadable programs that can make your phone or tablet as well as your life more exciting and enjoyable. With a smart-phone, you’ve got a mini computer in your hands. While there are games you can play to pass the time on your phone, now a days there are all sorts of apps that are meant to amuse, entertain and even to rev your sexy engine. Continue reading 12 Apps That’ll Spice Up Your Sex Life

Free The Nipple!

Titties, boobs, knockers, they’re a work of art by the most high, and that’s probably why they’ve been featured in ancient and modern sculptures, art, and photography. Breasts and especially the nipple are a highly erogenous zone on a woman, and because of that a number of Western cultures associate boobs with sexuality regarding naked breasticus as taboo, immodest, indecent and even punishable by law. Continue reading Free The Nipple!

Sexbots: The Rise Of The Shagging Sexy Machines

Sex robots are a thing… but just how far are people willing to go? People will not just be shagging sexbots they may even be marrying them by 2050, author David Levy estimates in his book Love and Sex with Robots. Overworked horny people are looking for hassle-free love. Many of them may seek out relationship-free robot sex as soon as they can afford it. Continue reading Sexbots: The Rise Of The Shagging Sexy Machines

Why Seeing an Escort When Drunk Is a Bad Idea

There’s a difference between one drink and the whole bottle especially when it’s show time. Nerves can cause you to overindulge in ‘creature comforts’ like drinking. You may feel like you’re loosening up and getting in the mood. Yet there’s a fine line between carefree and careless that at some point you’re bound to stumble over if and when you drink to excess. Continue reading Why Seeing an Escort When Drunk Is a Bad Idea

Watersports – A Guide

Watersports is a wet ‘n wild way to erotically explore the taboo of sharing the spray of your urine. By releasing your urine on someone or having your accomplice release theirs on you, one engages in watersports for its erotica pleasure or within the pursuit of BDSM. Whether you seek to pee on someone or to be peed upon there are still some who take it up a notch up by taking the urine into their mouth. At which point, one chooses to spit or swallow. Continue reading Watersports – A Guide