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Anna Smith entered the adult industry in 2015. From that moment on, she has become one of the foremost writers around, using her sex industry expertise to bring her readers many fun and fact filled articles. She is most well known for her sex advice pieces, yet also has a major interest in sexual health and other serious issues. However, this is all done with a quirky style that is unmistakably hers. When she isn't working, Anna is a fitness fanatic, and enjoys going away with her partner for various weekend trips.

The Perfect Penis Size Depends On Where You Live

I have a strong feeling that talking about the right size of a penis is something that never seems boring or goes out of style. I don’t know how this can be a good thing for all men out there but this is the reality. People talk about penis size, all of the time. Men are concerned they are too small, and women just enjoy gossips once in a while. Continue reading The Perfect Penis Size Depends On Where You Live

Yes, You Should Try A Cock Ring And Here’s Why!

Many of you might not know what a cock ring is exactly, so I should start with that. It is a device men wear around their penis, in order to enhance the size of their Willy, as well as to last longer than usual. How does this work? Well, that’s quite easy: the ring keeps the blood inside the penis and that’s all you need to get hard! Continue reading Yes, You Should Try A Cock Ring And Here’s Why!

Is Sex With the Ex a Good Idea?

Having sex with the ex is something you most have tried at least once in their life. There are many reasons why you choose to call your ex for a booty call or to answer to your ex’s late naughty call. It doesn’t matter if you call her because you’re familiar, you answer because you’re not in the mood to impress anybody or you know she’s always available. Yes, sex with the ex is easy and convenient, but sometimes, in the long term, it can bring more negative aspects than positive ingredients to your life. Continue reading Is Sex With the Ex a Good Idea?

Popular Household Items Used as Sex Toys!

The first electric vibrator was invented in 1902, becoming an important domestic appliance, though its purpose wasn’t to be a pleasure giver, but a treatment for hysteria, the “disease” many women were diagnosed with back then. Well, women used it as a treatment and it…worked really well for them. If you want to know more about the birth of the dildo, and the dawn of sex toys, just watch the 2011 movie called “Hysteria”. Continue reading Popular Household Items Used as Sex Toys!

Awkward Things Women Do After Sex

Most men find the female brain mysterious and many of their actions odd, though we all have to admit most of the sometimes they are quite funny. All men like some of the women’s different ways of seeing and doing things. Well, the ladies’ weirdness completes theirs, doesn’t it? But sometimes it can just make things a little bit awkward. Continue reading Awkward Things Women Do After Sex