Australian Rapists Pay Victim Off to Avoid Jail!

Do you know what makes me angry? Injustice. Do you know what else makes me angry? Injunctions. Technically, an injunction is a court-order that stops a person, or a plaintiff, from beginning or continuing with an action in court that would be held against them.

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However, I believe the word can be interpreted in other situations that’d occur before or during a trial. For example, three Australian men have admitted that they’ve raped a 17-year-old Norwegian girl in Croatia in 2015 and paid her $22,000 (around £15,740) to avoid a jail sentence. That just pisses me off.

What happened in Split, Croatia 2015

Three of the Australian men, Dylan Djohan, Ashwin Kumar and Waleed Latif were part of a travelling group that were meant to be going to Ibiza after heading to Croatia for a music festival. According to the defendants, they all met the Norwegian girl at a bar in the city of Split who was drinking with them before the attack occurred. The prosecutors have stated that the rape was preordained, where one of the men dragged the woman into the toilets before the other two joined in to sexually assault her.

After the rape took place, two of the men said that the sex was consensual and the third said that he didn’t take part, even though a doctor’s clinical report has confirmed that intercourse took place; this was before they pleaded guilty. The majority of witnesses at the bar supported the accounts of the Djohan, Kumar and Latif, none of the bar staff or security reported the incident and a source that had access to the court files stated that the plaintiff’s case ‘wasn’t very strong’.

Now, if there wasn’t enough evidence for you to be given a trial and a jail sentence, that’s understandable. If there wasn’t enough evidence to be used against you but you’ve admitted to the rape, then that’s fair. Yet, if you have pleaded guilty but have paid a large sum of money to the defendant so you could avoid a jail term, that is disgusting.

Why the victim accepted the money

With that amount of money that was paid to the victim, the three Australians were able to reduce their original sentence from one year behind bars to a five year good behaviour bond, as well as avoiding a trial and a possible 15-year jail sentence. If you haven’t thought of it already, you could imagine how many women’s rights advocates are furious over this case.

For the past year or so, many people have come to the realise that rape culture is alive and active; it always has been. In addition, rape culture is something that we want to destroy; I use the word destroy very strongly. Therefore, it’s no wonder that women like Sanja Sarnavka, a women’s rights campaigner from Croatia, would be angry at the fact that the three Australian men bailed themselves out with money.

“If they can afford it, those who are indicted will pay for the best lawyers, pay the damages and receive a minimum sentence or go free.” The campaigner has mentioned in an interview. “In a democratic state, everyone should have the same treatment, regardless of their wealth or assets.” I couldn’t have put it better myself.

However, Sarnavka had a feeling that the Norwegian girl might experience more psychological trauma if she decided to pursue with the court-order. That is why she defended the girl’s decision to take Djohan’s, Kumar’s and Latif’s money.

After seven months of staying in Croatia while the police seized their passports in July 2015, the three Australian men finally returned back to their homes in Melbourne after the case was settled in February of this year.

It’s never a subject that you can talk about lightly

I have to let you guys know that I’m not expressing my emotions because a woman was rape; I’m expressing my emotions because a rape occurred and after two months, nothing substantial has been done about it. This story would influence other sexual offenders to believe that they can attack someone and get away with it by paying the damage; talk about having no morals whatsoever.

I know that rape is a difficult subject to talk about, but it’s better to talk about it than not to at all, otherwise, the awareness of the hideous culture would get swept under the rug and victim can’t do anything but suffer. I really want to hear what you guys think; you can leave your comments in the section below or on the community forum.

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  1. Denne jenta er ikke veldig intelligent, hun burde aldri ha tatt pengene, men mange mennesker imot penger fordi det er vanskelig å få.
    Nå vil hun angre tar pengene.
    Disse menneskene er bedre råtner i fengsel, og nå kan de voldta igjen, noe som ikke er bra for deres neste offer.
    Hvis dette skjedde med min datter, ville jeg drepe hver og en av dem, og jeg vil gjerne gå fengsel.

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