Are The Designers Of Condoms Going Too Far?

Condoms are an important part of our sex lives. They keep us safe from STIs and STDs and stop unwanted pregnancy. They are essentials in the bedroom if you want to have a great time without worrying, and there are so many varieties out there to suit your needs and interests. Need help lasting longer? There’s a condom for you. Want to feel safer in bed? You can buy thicker condoms for that little bit of extra security. Whatever you want, there is the perfect condom out there for you.

Sensuous Woman Holding Condoms While Man Looking At Her

Of course, this also means that there are plenty of more unusual condoms out there. It isn’t all about the touch and feel about them anymore. Now you can actually get ones that have been specially designed to have pretty patterns on them to make them more appealing to the buyer. We’re not entirely sure why, when most of the time you can’t see the condom on the cock, so we take a look at if the condom designers are taking things a little too far this time.

Glow in the dark

Have you ever looked down at your cock in the dark and thought “you know what would make this experience so much better? A glow in the dark condom”. No? Well, neither have any of us here on Escort Norway, but someone has decided to create them anyway!

The condom must be put under direct light for up to a minute in order to activate the glow, which means that you will have to slip it out of the packet, put it on, and then stand next to the beside light while you wait for the magic to happen. Then you can turn off the light, grin about the fact that your cock looks like a lightsaber, and get down to business. It is perfect for the Star Wars fans who want to make lightsaber noises as they swing their dick around, but other than that they don’t really have any use at all.

Of course, getting down to business means that you won’t actually see the glow of the condom. The condom and dick will disappear into a wet pussy, gaping ass, or a mouth. It is purely a novelty item, which means they are pretty pointless and a bit of a waste of money.

Fancy condoms

If you don’t want something as in your face as glow in the dark condoms, there are some alternatives for you. The French brand Made In Love have been eager to put their own twist on safe sex, and they are creating condoms with a difference.

They aim to make your penis look pretty with the condom-equivalent of a tattoo sleeve. You simply choose the patterns on their website that you like the most and start fucking away!

The company said in an interview that they see their new condoms “as the new jewellery” of intimacy, and that every single one is more than just a condom. “It is a real intimate asset, an erotic ephemeral tattoo” to help show your partner just how much you care.

While it might be nice for you to whip out a pretty condom you have chosen for your partner to slide onto your dick, it again seems pointless. They are also quite expensive, as a pack of two will set you back just under 115 Norwegian krone, which is hefty for something that will simply make your penis pretty.

Customize your own condom

The internet means that you can get your hands on pretty much anything in just a few clicks, and many of them can be customised. This, of course, means that you can get your own condoms made to impress the ladies.

One website encourages visitors to Say It With A Condom, and allows you to create your own condom to suit the mood. You can choose to simply have the condom in plain foil with a nice customised cardboard slip around it, or you can pay the extra to customise the foil and even the colour of the condom inside.

As you can imagine, most of them have been created purely to entertain. Some of the current best selling feature semen nutrition facts so that you know what you are getting in each “serving”, while others simply say “you’re my favourite thing to do”.

There are plenty of comedy ones too, with Star Wars themed one declaring “I will not be your father” and even Donald Trump ones saying “I’m HUUUUGE” on them. Metro thinks that one of these is the perfect way to decide if you should go ahead with sex, saying that you should “judge their reaction” when you whip one of these out. “Still turned on? Maybe don’t go ahead.”

The condoms we really want

There are so many condoms that you can get, but it seems that novelty condoms are becoming the big thing at the moment. Why? Why is it that a condom is becoming a fashion accessory?

Really we would love it if someone was to create a new condom that left you feeling amazing after sex. Yes, a lot of companies already have the kind of condom that can decrease the sensations for him while making her more sensitive to everything, but there have to be more things you can do with a condom (other than the new condom challenge that everyone seems to be doing).

What would you love to see in a condom?
Do you think that there should be condoms specifically for oral sex that actually taste like they claim to, or are there better things that you can do with a bit of rubber?

We’d love to hear what you think, so use the comment box below or visit the Escort Norway forum and join in the discussion there. Tell us about your dream condom or the condoms you think work best for you in bed.

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