An Affair To Remember

I first met Sophie at my local running club. We joined at the same time and hit it off when we found ourselves at the back of the group. Ever since she has been my best friend and the one I turn to in a crisis. She’s funny, supportive, and everything you could hope for in a best friend. There was just one problem – her husband, Max.
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Max is what I can only describe as God’s gift to women. He has huge, bulging muscles and a smirk that drives me wild. He has the ability to make me wet with just a glance, and I have often found myself sliding my favourite dildo into my pussy as I fantasise about him fucking me with his hard cock.

Earlier today I received a text message from her, asking if I’d drop off the DVDs I borrowed from her. She explained that she was at work but Max would be in, and I said I’d pop by when I finished my yoga class. Usually I get changed at the gym into jeans and a hoodie, but the idea of having Max to myself for a few hours was too tempting, and I’d seen the looks I got when I was wearing my tight yoga pants. Instead, I simply strip off my bra and underwear so that I am completely naked underneath.

When Max opens the door to me his brown eyes go wide. They look up and down my body, taking in the way my yoga pants were tight against my skin, leaving nothing to the imagination. His eyes work their way from my hips up to my breasts straining under my vest and then to my lips, where his eyes linger for a moment.

The way he looks at me has my pussy growing wet and I lick my lips in anticipation.

The perfect excuse

“Sophie asked me to drop these off,” I say and hold up the DVDs. Max nods, moving to one side and holding the door open for me.

I walk inside slowly, exaggerating the sway in my hips as I do. I turn around in time to catch him staring at my toned ass, and he blushes, quickly turning away to close the door. “Do you want a drink?”

“Iced water would be great,” I reply, heading into the living room and putting the DVDs on the coffee table. He goes into the kitchen and just a few minutes later returns with two large glasses of water with plenty of ice in them.

“How are you?” he asks, attempting to make small talk.

I shrug my shoulders, taking one of the glasses from him and immediately fishing out one of the ice cubes with my fingers. I hold it to my lips. “It’s very hot in here.”

His eyes are fixed on the ice cube I hold in my fingers as he nods.

Teasing him

Slowly, my tongue darts out of my mouth to lick at the melting ice cube. He watches me as I start to slide it into my mouth and suck on the tip of it. The ice continue to melt, with drops of it slowly dripping onto my chest. I feel my nipples begin to harden as he follows the water to my chest with his eyes. He has seen my nipples poking through my vest and I glance at his crotch, seeing the way his dick is hardening in his pants.

I drop the cube back into the water and turn around, putting the glass on the table. I bend over while doing it, pressing my ass against his crotch and feeling his hard cock straining through his trousers. He lets out a little moan and his hands reach for my ass, squeezing it.

I stand back up, keeping my ass against him. “Like what you see?” I ask, letting out a moan as his hands slide from my ass around to my front. They skate up my body to my already hard nipples, squeezing them through my vest and making me moan.

His lips are on my neck as he teases my nipples with his fingers, kissing his way slowly from my ear and down to my collar bone. He continues to trace this path as he pulls hard on my nipples, making me rub harder against his cock. “You’ve been teasing me for months,” he whispers into my ear. “What do you want?”

I reach behind me, pulling my ass away from him just enough that I can grab his cock with my hand. I give it a squeeze and he moans into my ear, pulling harder on my nipples. “I think you know,” I say, still trying to tease him.

Passionate kisses

Quickly he spins me around, sliding his hands to my face and kissing me hard. His tongue slides along my lips and I moan, letting him sliding it into my mouth. While we’re kissing we are moving, with him pushing me backwards. The back of my knees hit the coffee table and his hands slide to my waist, helping me lie down on the coffee table.

He is on top of me now, and I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling his cock towards my pussy. I can feel it pressing against me through our clothes and I want to take them off. It seems that Max has the same idea as he pulls the straps of my vest down over my tits, immediately claiming the nipple with his mouth.

While he does that I work at his shirt, unfastening each button slowly while he teases my nipple with his mouth. He closes his teeth on it a little, making me gasp and move against him. Soon his shirt is open and I press my hands against his chest, feeling the muscles there.

As soon as I begin to touch him he moves back, taking his shirt off completely. He spots the glasses of water nearby and reaches out for one, grabbing an ice cube from the water and placing it on my nipple. I start to moan at the sensation and he immediately slides his tongue over it, combining his hot tongue with the cold of the ice cube.

Holding it in his teeth he begins to trail it down my body, down my stomach and towards my pussy. He teasingly moves his mouth and the ice cube along the top of my yoga pants as one hand rubs at my pussy. I groan as he teases me, looking down to see his eyes watching me. He keeps them fixed on me as he slides my yoga pants down and swallows the ice cube, before kissing his way to my pussy.

Fucking me with his tongue

As soon as his tongue hits my clit I move my hands into his hair, moaning as he licks slowly up and down. He is still teasing me, driving me as wild as I have been driving him for months, and he rubs his fingers along my slit. He moves slowly and I bite my lip.

“Oh Max,” I moan, feeling his tongue flat against my clit, “Please…”

It must have been what he was waiting for. As soon as the words pass my lips he slides a finger inside me, followed by another one. He thrusts them slowly in and out, his tongue licking my clit from side to side as my hips begin to move against him.

He continues to tease my wet cunt, going as slowly as he can while I try to fuck his face. His hands wrap around my hips, holding me in place. His face is buried in my wet pussy now and I start to moan, feeling my orgasm growing closer and closer. His tongue presses hard against my clit and I go over the edge, bucking against his mouth. He keeps his tongue where it is, feeling my legs tighten around his head as he fucks me with his mouth to orgasm.

My body starts to relax and I look down at him, seeing him lick around his lips and clean my come off his face with his tongue. He smiles at me, “Fuck, you taste good.”

Next time?

I grin at him, sliding my yoga pants back up and fixing my vest before grabbing my glass of water. “You can do that to me any time,” I say, gulping down some water and watching as he turns towards the window.

I follow his eyes, seeing Sophie’s car pulling into the driveway. We both stand up and rearrange ourselves, trying to look as though nothing has happened when she walks in. Of course, I’ve just had her husband lick me to orgasm… how do you hide that?

Miraculously, she is clueless as she walks in. She immediately gives me a hug before kissing Max. I wonder if she will taste me on his tongue, so I quickly say my goodbyes and Max walks me to the door.

“I believe you owe me,” he teases, winking at me as I walk away. “Next time,” I say, knowing that I will be thinking of this moment in bed later and fucking myself to orgasm as I remember his hot tongue on my pussy. Hopefully there will be more of that in the future.

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Lara Mills is a writer who has four years of sex industry expertise behind her. Since she entered the adult industry, she has worked on the Escort Advertising forums, before moving into her current role three years ago.

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