A Security Guide For Escorts

Being an escort can be a glamorous job, with captivating earnings and a seductive lifestyle, but there are also so many negative parts, and not all people are able to see it. Do you know how difficult is for escorts to stick up for themselves when their customers put them in problematic situations?

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Confronting somebody who has more physical power than you, and trying to draw a line with people who don’t know the meaning of boundaries, and common sense, are not the easiest things a woman can do.

Therefore, many escorts put up with a lot from clients, and they shouldn’t. No escort should tolerate clients’ distasteful behaviour, listen to sarcastic and rude comments, endure insults and other types of bad attitude which are inexcusable.

And these happen with people who just lack education and rationality. Now imagine them under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol! Not only does these make their presence intolerable, but they can also become dangerous for the escorts!

Furthermore, drugs and alcohol can affect even the good clients who might change into savages who act in a manner they would ordinarily disapprove with.

For this reason, having an encounter with a drunk or stoned client is never a good idea, even if you strongly believe there is no possibility for him to hurt you. Here are some situations an escort who doesn’t refuse a buzzed client can get herself into.

If He’s Too Glazed, He’s Too Loud- Discretion is Mandatory

Discretion is necessary for every job, but you cannot survive as an escort if you are not discreet. In this society, you want to keep your life out of the neighbour’s business even if you are a plummer…but as a sex worker it’s even more desirable!

There are enough people judging you, using your job choice as a weapon against you when trying to use your rights. So, you don’t need somebody yelling in the middle of the street, drawing unnecessary attention to you and your sexy rendezvous…or what was supposed to be a hot encounter.

Therefore, in order to avoid a loud prick who might make your life public, keep away from intoxicated clients.

Less is More – Nobody Wants Oversharing Clients

We all experience moments when booze made us cry and talk about our life. Raise your hands if you regretted the next day? Is there anyone comfortable talking about business with somebody who told them their whole life?

I know that sharing can be very comfortable between friends and in the cosiness of our relationships. However, right now we are discussing business. And escorts are interested in your emotional and sexual desires!

They don’t want or need to know anything about their clients’ feelings, emotions, drama, families, etc. Too much information can change the way they look at them and they perform their services! Booze Brings Out Moods – Are You Ready to Deal with His Emotions?

If sharing too much information can be distressing, now imagine your clients being emotional? An experienced escort can deal with so many types of issues, but should never have to deal with clients’ mental state problems.

In addition, the client can actually have huge issues and trying to deal with them might be destructive since a professional might be needed. An escort is always understanding, but cannot be a psychologist.

Protect Yourself – Alcohol & Drugs Might Go Hand in Hand with Violence

If you are an escort and a boozed client calls, before accepting to meet him, think about the fact that his judgment might be slightly off, so he can attack you not only verbally, but also physically.

Women everywhere are beaten and violently treated by drunk men. What makes you think they won’t do it to you?

Without trying to dramatize, even people who usually are gentlemen and even bring escorts’ flowers, treat them respectfully and have dinner with them can become monsters when alcohol or drugs influence them.

So, be safe!

Real Men, Don’t Rape- Intoxicated Men, Might

Abuse and violent behaviour don’t always stop with yelling and hitting a person. Sometimes drunk or drugged clients might not be able to understand whether the escort is on the same page with him or not.

Also, occasionally they can be so drunk that they don’t even care about their consent. Unfortunately, a high number of escorts have been raped and didn’t even get justice! Why? Not too many of them dare to call the police in order to report the negative incident.

Therefore, reporting problems is not an option, and clients are very aware of that. This means that if there’s nobody to protect them, escorts should care for themselves.

Consequently, not seeing a glazed client is a safety issue. You never know how much alcohol they had, what drugs they used and you have no idea how their typical personalities can be affected!

So, think about these possibilities and ask yourself: is it worth risking so much?

Anna Smith

Anna Smith

Anna Smith entered the adult industry in 2015. From that moment on, she has become one of the foremost writers around, using her sex industry expertise to bring her readers many fun and fact filled articles.

She is most well known for her sex advice pieces, yet also has a major interest in sexual health and other serious issues. However, this is all done with a quirky style that is unmistakably hers.

When she isn't working, Anna is a fitness fanatic, and enjoys going away with her partner for various weekend trips.
Anna Smith

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