Different Kinds of Vibrators That Will Tickle Your Fancy!

When you don’t have a boyfriend or a fuck buddy in life, how could you keep yourself entertained underneath the bed sheets? Of course, nothing will ever beat the real thing. When I say the real thing, I mean a hot man grabbing you by the ankles and thrusting his large, throbbing cock inside you. But when you’re too busy to go out after work for a few glasses of wine, or when you feel like your love life is completely inexistent, then you can’t go wrong at buying yourselves a couple of vibrators to keep your libido satisfied!

Woman with a pink vibrator in bed

Now, choosing the right vibrator for you is like gambling on which is the best piece for you to eat from the Hotel Chocolat Selection Box. You don’t want to find on that is too vigorous on your pussy, but you certainly wouldn’t want one where you feel, well, nothing. That is why this article is here to talk you through all of the different types of vibrators, where one of them might be the perfect fit for you! The pun was intended.

Oldies but goldies!

These kinds of vibrators are what you would see in every sexy lingerie shop you’d get on your local high street. Normally, their surfaces would be made out of plastic or a hard-shelled material, which makes their vibrations more powerful in comparison to other vibrators.

The length of the shaft would usually range between four and eight inches, so can be sure that you’ll always be filled up! Like most of the vibrators that you would find in kinky, little sex shops, they can be used internally and externally. It’s great to have one buzzing while you’re sliding it up and down your slit.

I like pressing a hard-shelled shaft against my clit as it vibrates, which brings me towards the edge and makes me thrust it into my pussy to make myself cum. Yeah, I’ve had my experiences with vibrators. They are fun. A lot of fun!

The only criticism that I have with the traditional vibrators is that they don’t feel realistic against your skin, which is no surprise since they would have a plastic surface. But for those who like to feel a bit of pulse in between their legs, then the traditional vibrator is the way to go!

One that looks like the real thing!

Realistic vibrators are the same at the traditional vibrators, but they look more like a real cock than an overly enlarged stylus pen for your iPad. Made out of either silicone, jelly or rubber, these kinds of vibrators a very popular amongst the female population on Earth!

There are realistic vibrators that come in different kinds of skin colours, which would cater to your preferences in a guy…maybe…But they also have ones that come in all the shades of the rainbow like red, blue, pink, purple and so on.

Like the traditional vibrators, their length varies from four to eight inches. From my experience, these kinds of vibrators are good for when you want to feel something soft and flexible to slide inside your cunt; hence the name ‘realistic vibrator.’

In my opinion, you could find one that looks similar to your favourite porn, or buy one and imagine that you’re getting ravaged by Robert Downey Jr. I often think about him whenever I’m teasing and toying my cunt with this kind of vibrator. Therefore, when you’re drunk with your friends one night and they’re wondering how your sex life is going, you can show them your red, sparkling realistic vibrator to show them that you’re fucking yourself in style!

For those you like to get double orgasms!

If you’re someone who likes to feel intensity when they climax and dampen their bed sheets, then listen up. Rabbit vibrators are considered to be one of the best sex toys for horny ladies to use! These kinds of sex toys would either have the tip of a traditional or realistic vibrator and have a rotating shaft with beads or pearls inside the shaft. The mini shaft would like a little rabbit that looks like it’s stuck on the middle of the vibrator; which is why they are known as ‘Rabbit Vibrators’.

When I first looked at one of those, the first question that popped into my head was:

‘What the fuck?’

I asked the cashier in Ann Summers what exactly is the purpose for the mini shaft, she told me, in great detail, that it was supposed to massage your clit. After using the Rabbit for the first time and continued to play with it before it broke – don’t ask me how – I’ve grown myself to like it despite its weird appearance. You would get a guaranteed orgasm every time you bring it to bed with you!

Feeling something warm inside your pussy!

If you’re wondering how a G-Spot vibrator would feel inside you, imagine yourself lying on a massage bed and you’re receiving a genital massage from a female masseuse. I don’t know if there are actually any qualified male genital masseuses out there in the world, but if they are, they shouldn’t get surprised if an oily woman jumps on top of them!

A G-Spot vibrator is used to make a woman orgasm by teasing and prodding her G-Spot. Some of these manufacturers could come up with less obvious names, don’t you think? They can either come hard and rigid or soft and flexible, depending on the user’s preferences.

To be honest, I didn’t find them very exciting to use. You’d have to use it slowly and gradually rub the vibrator around your G-Spot, so it swell up slowly as you start to get aroused; like a cock! Yes, I did climax from it, but using it wasn’t as enthralling as I thought it would be. However, this vibrator would be a great sex toy to use when you’re horny in bed but you don’t have any energy left from work or doing your domestic chores at home!

Small but sneaky!

I wouldn’t call them vibrators myself, but there are good to use on the outside as well as the inside! The bullets are basically the micro-versions of the traditional vibrators, where you can slip them inside your purse and use them whenever you want to. Like the traditional vibrators, they are made out of plastic which would be covered by a jelly-like substance.

What’s great about them is when you’re waiting to collect your legal documents from the office and you’re trying to find a way to pass the time, you can just slip into the girls toilets and play with yourself with the bullet! Since it’s so small, you can trace it around all of your erogenous zones such as your nipples, your clit, your pussy and even up your boyfriend’s ass if you feel a little bit kinky!

The bullet is great for people who like get a little frisky in open spaces, where no one would even know that you had a massive orgasm from a tiny, little sex toy! Furthermore, there are inexpensive to buy, so you won’t be breaking the bank if you decided to buy a load of them for your best friend’s hen night!

If you want to tell Escort Norway what you’re favourite vibrator is, leave your comments in the section below or on the Escort Norway forum now!

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