A Guide to Food Foreplay

Gone are the days where you have to choose between food and sex.

It was often a tough choice for women to make, where they would either enjoy countless days of satisfaction in the bedroom or pleasure their taste buds in an array of chocolates and sweets. Have you ever watched the episode from ‘Sex and the City’ where Miranda quits all forms of sex for an amount of time, but ended up having an addiction to homemade chocolate cake? That kind of situation has happened to us at least once in our lives.

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Recently, there has been a rise in people bringing the kitchen into the bedroom, in other words, they’re getting involved in food foreplay. Basically, you turn your partner on with an array of food. It may be a surprise for you to hear that some foods are an aphrodisiac, but don’t think that the next time you eat an avocado your dick will get hard in a millisecond!

However, there are certain foods that make you want to spread your legs a little further than usual in the bedroom. Therefore, if you’re planning to get a little kinky with food, you better make up a list of groceries you will need for your food foreplay!

What to buy on your next food shopping trip

The key thing you must remember is that you have to keep your food light and sweet. If you start having a gourmet feast before sex, you start to feel sluggish and develop a ‘food baby’ – which wouldn’t look attractive to your partner!

There was a guy who I used to see a lot and his fantasy was fucking me doggy style on the dining table while we both eat a slice of pepperoni pizza. Hmm…eccentric. Personally, I don’t think eating pizza is sexy. I’d eat it if I’ve had a bad day at work, or my favourite metal band who I’ve bought tickets to see have cancelled on me. But many people have fetishes that may appear odd to one person but arousing to another!

Typically, the common foods used in the bedroom are chocolate, fruits, honey, even coffee and chai tea. So, if you’re a sexy woman who’s waiting for your handsome partner to come back home, make sure you’re sitting at the table wearing a skimpy dress and the most revealing underwear you could find in your drawers. What I would do is drink my double espresso while sitting on top of the kitchen counter, and spread my thighs very slowly so my fine-looking companion could see what kind of thong I’m wearing.

You better make sure that you’re also stocked up on napkins, towels and baby wipes so you could clean up whatever filthy mess you’ve made after your dirty sex session. My advice would be to perform your food foreplay in the kitchen. It’s easier to clean up your mess after and you won’t have to risk getting strawberry sauce all over your duvet.

Oh! And another vital tip would be to make sure that your partner isn’t allergic to anything. One of my friends had an embarrassing mishap of discovering that she’s allergic to pineapple. She found out when her boyfriend was applying pineapple flavoured lube on his cock and inserted himself inside her…yeah, I wouldn’t believe that it was a pretty sight to witness!

Once you’ve got your checklist out of the way, that’s when you start making magic in the kitchen!

It’s time to get fruity!

One final thing I have to mention is that you should avoid placing food in or on your private parts. The last thing you want is to contract an infection or skin irritation, not to mention getting your pubic hair all sticky!

OK, now that’s out of the way, you can proceed to do however you please during your fruity encounter between you and your attractive acquaintance. To start off, you lay your sexy companion on your dining table, and she’s wearing some hot, lacy underwear.

While she’s lying on the table with her arms and legs spread, you begin to place little pieces of fruit on top of her. Strawberries, bananas, mango, cherries, you name it! As I’ve mentioned before, you can’t put the fruit on her private parts.

However, there are other erogenous zones you place them on, such as her thighs, stomach and breasts. Then, you begin to climb on top of her as you nibble on the pieces of fruit placed on her beautiful body.

Women get turned on if you utilise all of her senses, so another tip would be to blindfold her. That way she’s restricted to the senses of smell and touch.

Licking your partner clean!

For me, I love the feel of a man’s tongue licking up the juices that trickle down my skin. When you’re gently grazing the fruit off your partner, make sure that you use your tongue to clean up the juices. I would guarantee you that your lady would get turned on if you lick her! When you’re on top of her and you’re gazing at her gorgeous lips, pop another piece of strawberry between your lips and pass it on to your sexy girl. She would be able to get a taste of your lips as well as the strawberries.

Now, even though there are many articles that say that almonds, chilli peppers, olives and pomegranates are aphrodisiacs, I would personally avoid them during your foreplay. I have two reasons. One is that there is a high risk of choking on small foods – if asphyxiation is your thing, then I’m not stopping you .The other one is that it leaves a surprising taste in your mouth; I wouldn’t want to French-kiss my partner if his tongue tastes of brine!

Of course, your diet doesn’t have to be restricted to fruits and herbs. You can be playful and buy yourself a load of whipped cream, Nutella, strawberry jam and granulated sugar and decorate your partner in all of those condiments. What turns me on is when a guy would spray whipped cream over my nipples and begin to suck the cream off my tits; this would get me wet in a matter of seconds.

You have to remember that your food foreplay is your starter and that sex is your main meal. These foods would provide you with enough aphrodisiacs to get your body hot, your juices flowing and your boat floated. From there, you can undress your attractive companion slowly before you spread her legs open and make the table rock.

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