90 Year Old Man Busted For Seeing Prostitute!

A 90 year old man in Boston, USA has been arrested after allegedly soliciting a prostitute.

Statue of George Washington in Boston

According to court documents obtained by the Cape Cod Times, Nicholas Salerno of Dennis Port paid a local woman $100 to perform a sex act in June. However, it seems the meeting didn’t go how he hoped.

Charges All Round

It seems that after she had been to the bathroom, he noticed that a necklace was missing. Understandably not impressed, he called up the police and made a complain about her with an allegation of theft.

Well, unfortunately for him, the police informed him that he would be charged with soliciting a prostitute.

However, he doesn’t seem to care. As he hilariously told officers “” I don’t give a (expletive). I’m 90 years old.”

The woman, later identified as 48-year-old Karen Proia didn’t come out of this well either, and was charged with larceny and prostitution.

So a bad night at the office all round then! Then again, I doubt it will affect his future career prospects. I am just amazed he was still horny at the age of 90. I am actually rather impressed.

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