6 Top Tips For Hot Anal Play

We love ass. Some people might simply like staring at it, watching it sway in front of them as their partner does a sexy dance, before reaching out and touching that sexy butt. Others like to experiment with ass in the bedroom. They might really like anal sex, but others go further and try a little kinky anal play to make things even more exciting.

A sexy woman, sticking her ass out for some anal play

Anal play is great, when done correctly. When you get it right, you can have some intense orgasms, and the fact that it is a little bit of a taboo will turn you on even more. Get it wrong and it can be uncomfortable, awkward, and even painful! Ouch!

We here on the Escort Norway blog want to make sure you are getting the most from anal play, so we take a look at 6 top tips for hot anal play to make sure you get it right.

Research is important

The ass is a lot more complicated than you think it is, and if you dive straight in expecting results, you’re going to have a bad time.

You can’t just thrust your finger in and out or lick the asshole a few times, expecting your partner to squeal in orgasm. It takes a little bit more than that, so you should do some research first to learn about the hotspots in the ass that you really don’t want to miss.

Okay, so the last thing you want to do when it comes to anal play is to spend time looking online at anal anatomy. You don’t want a science lesson. You want to have fun. Well, by looking online and doing your research, you can learn about the different sensitive spots on the ass. Do you know about the a-spot? Do you know where it is? If not, you should take a look online to help you find it.

Use lube: lots of lube

Lube is going to become your best friend during anal play. When you are playing with a pussy, it’ll secrete its own delicious juices to make things easier for you… but the ass doesn’t. That is why lube is so important.

It will help to keep things nice and wet during your fun, which will in turn make things easier for you. You can slip a finger or two into their ass, or even a toy, without any issues. You can even keep it close by so that, when you need a top up, it is right there.

Some people like to just use their spit, but for most of us, you spitting on our ass is a bit of a turn off. Lubes are just so much easier to use. Another great thing about lube is that you can get some which have some cool things they do. Some might add a slight tingle, while others will cool things down or warm things up. If you shop around, you are sure to find the perfect lube for you.

Size doesn’t matter

No matter how many times you are told that size doesn’t matter, there will always be a part of your mind that it does. You want to spend time staring at the biggest ass, right, so why wouldn’t size matter when it comes to anal play?

Pussies can expand to fit you or the toy in. Asses, however, take a little longer. They can still expand, but not in the same way. This means that grabbing the biggest toy you can find might actually hurt your partner.

Instead, you need to give their body time to adjust and get used to the new toy. Start off with a finger or a vibrating bullet to make them feel good. Slowly work your way up with size, and if they feel something is too big, you can stop and try something else. Forcing something too big up there could cause ruptures, pain, and a lot of bleeding, which is definitely not what you want!

Safety first!

When you have been playing with someone’s ass, make sure you wash your hands or whatever you have been putting up there before you go playing elsewhere. It might sound strange, but you can easily transfer bacteria from the ass to other parts of the body, and this can lead to infections. That isn’t how you want to remember your fun, so clean up first. After all, the cleaner you are, the dirtier things will get.

With anal play comes experimentation. Experimenting is totally acceptable, if you do it safely. Pretty much all anal sex toys come with tapered ends, so that you won’t end up losing the toy inside your partner or yourself.

However, if you start home brewing some toys, you might end up in trouble. As a general rule, if there isn’t a safe way to use the toy, you shouldn’t use it for anal play. You don’t want to end up on one of those TV shows where they talk about the weird things people have had in their ass, right?

Take your time

You’re going to get really excited about the idea of anal play. It is natural. Your excitement will make you want to get stuck straight in there, but the best thing you can do is slow things down and take your time.

By taking your time, you will build your partner up to orgasm slowly. You want to play with them so well that they start begging you for more, and by really slowing things down and exploring evey inch of their ass, you’ll easily manage to do this.

Another good reason to slow things down is that you won’t accidentally end up hurting them. Not sure what to do? Tease their ass. Run your fingertips all over it, parting their cheeks and running a finger teasingly over the hole. Get your tongue in there, licking lightly until they start to moan. It’ll turn them on that you are taking your time exploring their body and seeing what works for them, and it’ll turn you on because you can hear the noises they are making.

Get to know what you like in anal play

The best thing that you and your partner can do to really enjoy anal play is to get to know your bodies. Experiment on your own and learn what you like. You might enjoy the feeling of fingers on the outside of your ass, applying pressure to your hole, but they might prefer a finger curled inside the ass, wiggling around.

When you know what it is that you like the most, you can tell your partner. It can really help if you or your partner isn’t as knowledgeable on the subject, as you can guide them. Don’t want to just give them directions? Be clever with your words. If they start to run their finger around your ass and it feels good, let out a moan. You could even begin begging them for what you want, and they might hold back to turn you on even more.

Do you have some other great tips that you are eager to share? You could use the comment box below, but you can also visit the Escort Norway forum and join in the discussion there.

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2 thoughts on “6 Top Tips For Hot Anal Play”

  1. Never rush anal and always keep it clean.
    I always wear condoms when giving anal, even with the ex wife, whenever I got it.
    Always waited for to give anal sex around 30 minutes after cleaning.

  2. Keeping it clean is important.
    Size, well that can matter as I have seen girls, some who are happy with anal and some who think that my cock was too big.
    Plenty of lube really does help, but don’t buy cheap, get the durex stuff, works like a treat.

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