The 6 Essentials You Need To Know About Oral

Oral sex can sometimes seem like rocket science. Because every person enjoys different things, what works on one sexy lady may not work on another. One might enjoy slow and teasing circles on their clit with your tongue, while the other may like soft sucks instead. These key differences might be fun to try and discover, but when you really want to make her cum with your tongue during oral, what can you do?

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Here on the Escort Norway blog, we take a look at the six essentials that you need to know about oral sex. These tips will help you make sure you show her a good time and set your mind at ease about the things you should and shouldn’t do during oral.

1. Relaxation is important

Sex is a fantastic way to relieve stress, especially when you have had a long and difficult week at work. You can have fun with your partner and feel amazing while you do it, which is often enough to make up for the rough week you’ve had.

However, it can take you a hell of a lot longer to get in the mood. Your mind will become so fixed on what you have been dealing with all week that letting it go in order to enjoy sex isn’t easy. That is why, when you plan to give her great cunnilingus, you should help her to relax first.

Something as simple as running a hot bath for her or offering a slow and sensual massage can make a huge difference. As you gently rub her tired and aching muscles, all of the stress of the week will slip away, so you can instead focus on the other kinky fun things that you can do with them.

2. Foreplay and oral are not the same

A lot of people tend to believe that giving a sexy lady a little thrill with your tongue on her clit is just part of foreplay. However, if you really want to impress here, you will choose to make her cum this way and have that as your end goal.

Don’t mix the two up and simply give her clit a little lick because you want to get her nice and wet for sex. Yes, a lot of people enjoy cunnilingus as a part of foreplay, but if you want her screaming your name, make it clear that you are doing it because you love it.

Had a great sex session and she didn’t cum? You know what you need to do. Get her to lie down for you and start to lick her pussy. It will feel even better for her because you want her to cum, instead of just hoping she’ll get wet for your cock.

3. Directions aren’t bad

There is absolutely no-one who knows what turns you on and what works for you in bed better than you. You have had all of your life to explore your body and learn what makes you cum. This experience is what helps to make sex so good for you, as you can then gear it towards what you want.

This works both ways. The lady you are going down on might have a few comments and suggestions for you to make it good for her… but often we see this as bad.

We know that different things work for different ladies. We also know that you really want to make us cum with your tongue. This means that, when we give you directions, we aren’t criticising you. Instead we are giving you the chance to make us feel as good as you were hoping you could. What could be bad about that? So instead of flying off the handle when we say “harder” or “slow down”, appreciate that you are getting us close and you just need to change things a little to get us over the edge.

4. It is okay to take a break

If you really love oral, you might throw yourself into it. You will really get your tongue in there, using your fingers in rhythm to get her as close to orgasm as possible. However, when you do this, you can actually tire yourself out.

The common mistake that people make is tensing up their tongue. Because it often takes women a little longer to cum than it does men, you will be at it for longer. We accept that you can get tired by it, and that you might need a break… so if you need a minute or two to just get your breath back, take it.

Give your mouth and tongue a break and switch to using your fingers. It might be an excellent idea to do it this way because it keeps us right on the edge of orgasm, and this little edging technique can make the orgasm much more intense when it does happen.

5. When she is close, keep going

A mistake that plenty of people make when it comes to sex is changing things right at the last moment. You might want to go harder and faster to give her a more explosive orgasm, but all that stopping and changing will do is make her lose her orgasm.

This will be incredibly frustrating for her. It will make her tense up and this, in turn, makes it harder for her to cum. That means that, when you have her moaning your name loudly and saying that she is going to cum, you need to keep going.

Do not change a thing. Don’t go harder. Don’t stroke faster. Instead, keep the same rhythm and use the same pattern that you were doing before. Keep things exactly the same and, in no time at all, she will cum for you.

6. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try or how much effort you put in, sometimes she is just not going to cum. It could be a huge combination of different reasons, and while you might feel that you are at fault, it isn’t. Sometimes, it just doesn’t happen.

This can be incredibly disappointing for you both. She will feel like she is so close to orgasm and just doesn’t get there, while you feel as though you haven’t done enough to make her feel amazing.

Instead of beating yourselves up about it, see if there is something else going on. It might be that her mind is elsewhere and she needs your help to relax her a little more. It might even be that she simply isn’t in the mood for oral and would much rather you lie back so that she can ride your cock instead.

A love of cunnilingus

The above six essentials will help you make sure oral is as pleasurable for her as possible, and also make sure you get it right. Each person is different, but if you apply the above techniques, you’ll find that your session with your head between her legs goes much more smoothly.

Of course, these tips will work even better if you have a love of cunnilingus. Think about it. When a woman goes down on you, licking her lips at the sight of your rock hard cock, it is a huge turn on. You love knowing that she wants your cock, and it is exactly the same with cunnilingus.

Got some other hot tips that you want to share? You can use the comment box below to give us your suggestions, or you could head over to the Escort Norway forum and join in the discussion there.

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