5 Tips To Last Longer In Bed

No matter what you might have been led to believe, premature ejaculation is a common problem. People who suffer from it don’t like admitting to it, because they think they’ll be judged as bad in bed. You think that, if a woman knows about it, she won’t want to have sex with you and will instead go for someone who can fuck like a porn star for hours on end.
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That isn’t the case. It is one of the most common problems experienced in the bedroom, and there are some small steps you can take to not only improve your stamina, but to further improve your bedroom antics for those times when you simply can’t hold back.

1) Learn the difference

I’m not the kind of person to only have female friends in my group. In fact, there are a few male friends in there, and once when we were all drunk they started talking about premature ejaculation. One confessed that he has a real problem with it, and can’t last anywhere near as long as he’d like to.

Another one of our male friends looked at him and asked him a question. He said “are you sure it is a premature ejaculation problem?” After lots of stammering from the other guy, my friend said that, far too often, men will confuse “a real problem like premature ejaculation” with being unable to last long enough to fuck your girl through five orgasms.

It was pretty shocking to hear, but he made a point. I have dated a guy who insisted he’d got a problem with premature ejaculation, and I honestly think he was just worried he didn’t last as long as he wanted to. He’d gotten the impression from porn that real men can last for half an hour of constant hardcore fucking, and so he wasn’t up to scratch.

Take a look at your situation and be honest with yourself. Is it really premature ejaculation, or is it a lack of stamina to keep going?

2) Use condoms

Condoms are a great tool for you to use, and you absolutely should be using them!

First of all, safe sex is extremely important. Condoms are the only form of protection during sex that prevent STIs, STDs, and other infections from spreading. What is it they used to say? “Don’t be a prick, wrap your dick”.

Secondly, condoms can help you last longer. The covering lessens the sensations for you, and this desensitisation keeps the urge to pop at bay. Condoms can make the difference between getting your girl to orgasm or just firing away before either of you are ready.

3) Foreplay is your friend

This gets said a lot, but that is because it is true. If you want to make sure your partner really enjoys themselves when having sex with you, spend a decent amount of time on foreplay.

Many people believe that foreplay should simply be a warm up for sex, and that it is purely to get the juices flowing. However, a lot of women struggle to reach orgasm through sex alone. They need other stimulation, and you can give them that during foreplay.

Start by slowly licking your way down their body, paying special attention to their neck, tits, stomach and thighs before you reach their pussy. Gentle, slow licks could easily bring them to orgasm, and your partner will be sure to tell you what does and doesn’t work for them.

4) Cumming doesn’t mean it’s over

This is, unfortunately, a common thought. Men and a lot of women see the man’s orgasm as the finale. That’s it, sex is over. Thank you and goodnight.

Sexy woman in lingerieThat’s not actually the case. Sex can continue after an orgasm, and you should definitely take the time to.

Your entire body can be used to bring her to orgasm again and again, whether you choose to tickle her g-spot with a finger or you suck on her clit as she writhes around under you. Try using some of the things you enjoy in foreplay after sex to get her hot and horny, and she will be extremely grateful.

Not only that, but many who suffer from premature ejaculations are ready to go again after a short break. Keep her moaning and groaning beneath you and your cock will be rock hard again in no time. The bonus? Since you’ve already cum, you will last a little longer this time!

5) Stop worrying about it

This one is easier said than done, but the biggest problem people suffering with premature ejaculation face is that they can’t stop thinking about it.

During sex they worry they might pop too soon, and this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. They worry about it, so they do it. They’ve done it before, they worry they’ll do it again, and so on and so forth.

When you start thinking about it, stop yourself. Think of something else, or even take a break to concentrate on your partner. It can really make the difference for you and for them.

Do you struggle with premature ejaculation or have you ever been with someone who does? Let us know about it on the Escort Norway forum, or in the comment box below.

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