3 Steps To Multiple Orgasms For Men

When people talk about multiple orgasms they are usually talking about how you can get a woman to cum over and over again during sex or foreplay. The way that they speak about the subject you’d think it is something reserved only for women. However, men can have multiple orgasms too… if you know how.

3 Steps To Multiple Orgasms For Men

For men to achieve multiple orgasms there are a few things that you need to do. If you follow the steps, you’ll be enjoying intense multiples in no time at all. Not sure what those steps are? Our guide below will tell you.

1. Orgasm vs. ejaculation

The first step is understanding what multiple orgasms means. You might think that this means physically cumming a number of times. You might even believe that you have had multiples if you have cum, had a brief break, and then gone back to your sex session.

The break means that it isn’t really multiples. You have just had a few orgasms in close succession. For true multiples, you need to know the key difference between multiple orgasms and ejaculatory orgasms.

When you usually cum during sex it is with ejaculate. This signals the end of your erection, as you reach the “orgasm” stage and then can’t keep it up after that. It is different with multiples. Those men capable of multiples report that they don’t physically ejaculate.

The key is that they stop themselves from ejaculating. Instead it feels incredible but they don’t physically cum. This means that they can keep going and enjoy orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

Some people use edging to help themselves achieve this. Edging requires you to bring yourself to the brink of orgasm and then lessen the stimulation. Through this it is possible to experience multiples this way, people often find that it isn’t as intense as an orgasm and that they struggle to stop themselves from cumming. This is where step two comes in.

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2. Flex your PC muscles

The second step is to get more control of your orgasm by flexing your PC muscles. Referred to as the pubococcygeus muscle, it is the muscle which stretches from your pubic bone right the way to your tailbone.

You will have used this muscle before. It is the one you can use to stop the flow of piss when you are going to the toilet. It does require a little bit of effort, but you’ll find that these muscles can help you enjoy multiples too!

Kegel exercises are used to help strengthen this muscle, making it easier for you to control your orgasms. The best thing is that you can try these exercises anywhere. In fact, you could be doing them right now.

Simple contract the muscle for a few seconds and then relax. Then do it all over again. This can really help to strengthen the muscle and enable you to better control your orgasm.

But what does this have to do with multiples? Well, many people believe that this is the key to enjoying orgasm after orgasm… all because you stop yourself from physically ejaculating while still enjoying the orgasm.

If you time it right, they believe that you can stop ejaculation. You will still orgasm but without actually cumming. Of course, it can be difficult to time it right. This is where step three comes into play.

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3. Try again

If you claim to your partner that you can have multiples before you try the technique, you are going to have a bad time. It isn’t going to work the first time unless you are incredibly lucky. This is why you need to try and try again.

They say that practice makes perfect, and that is absolutely true when it comes to multiples. Instead of just trying it once and being disappointed when it doesn’t work, you’ll have to go again and again. It is how you get better at anything in bed, so don’t be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t happen the first time.

You might find it easier to try when you are alone. Jerk off as you normally would, but then clench those PC muscles when you feel like you are at the point of no return. This will hopefully stop you from physically cumming.

If it doesn’t you don’t have to worry so much. You can keep trying to figure out what works for you. No pressure at all from a partner.

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Have you had multiple orgasms?

The whole point of trying to achieve multiples is so that you can enjoy some intense sex. It isn’t a skill simply reserved for women, though it is a lot easier for women to achieve.

However, once you get the technique right you’ll find that you can actually have multiple orgasms. You’ll discover just how intense it is and wonder why you never tried it before.

Hopefully the three simple steps above will help you achieve it. Perhaps you have a lot of experience in multiples that you want to share with others? Maybe you have some tips you’d like to add?

You can use the comment box below to join in the discussion. You can even vote in the poll below to let us know whether you have had multiples before. Were your attempts successful?

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