Popular Household Items Used as Sex Toys!

The first electric vibrator was invented in 1902, becoming an important domestic appliance, though its purpose wasn’t to be a pleasure giver, but a treatment for hysteria, the “disease” many women were diagnosed with back then. Well, women used it as a treatment and it…worked really well for them. If you want to know more about the birth of the dildo, and the dawn of sex toys, just watch the 2011 movie called “Hysteria”.

Rolling pin and dishcloth on rustic wooden background.

Anyway, nowadays, you don’t even have to go to a Sex Shop to buy your favourite sex toys since ordering online is not only fast and easy but also very discreet. Not to mention the fact that if you perform a Google search you find all the things you were looking for and many more.

So, sex toys have come a long way, giving us the chance to offer ourselves different kinds of pleasure. It is obvious that a vibrating ring is different than a regular dildo, isn’t it?

But with all of these, there are many women, as well as men who still use household items as sex toys. And here are some of the most popular items people pleasure themselves with.

Getting Dirty While Cleaning

There are many ladies who love washing their bed sheets, towels and clothes. Do you know why? Well, because this way they can get really close their washing machine…
So, when they have many things to wash, they use the time to ride that thing on the way to a lovely orgasm. Some of these ladies have a dildo in their “goodie drawer” but from time to time, they still enjoy the vibes offered by their good old washing machine.

In the meantime, the vacuum extensions are used by many horny gentlemen, while cleaning the rest of the house. We all need a break while cleaning the house, don’t we? Some choose to have a cup of coffee, others to hump the vacuum cleaner.

If you want to try this item you should be very careful not to get sucked to hard, unless you like being hurt, of course. Also, the amount of lube you use should definitely not be the usual. You need a lot more!

I guess that spring cleaning sounds kind of fun right now, with her on the washing machine and him getting sucked by the vacuum cleaner. But these are just two of the many electronic items people masturbate with.

For instance, there are both men and women who become closer to their electric toothbrush for sexual reasons. You know what this means, don’t you? Yes, next time you visit somebody’s house be careful what you touch!

If You Like It than You Shouldn’t Put In a Salad!

If you think that food is good only for eating you are a naive person. Though they don’t vibrate, many vegetables have been used for a long time to replace the male organ. And the cucumber is the most famous of them.

Though it’s not as pretty and nice as a pink dildo, it is cheap and most of the time it is in your fridge, isn’t it?

However, if you don’t know how to handle the cucumber, unfortunate accidents can appear. For instance, recently, a German man killed his mistress with half a cucumber while enjoying a kinky play. This is why, sometimes it might be healthier to put this delicious vegetable in a salad than inside your lady bits.

But if you are a really horny man, you can take it, and stuck your penis inside it, in order to replace your lady’s mouth. And if you don’t have a large cucumber, replace it with a watermelon or a squash.

I’ve heard that if you make the hole nicely, it actually stimulates the effect of getting a blowjob. But to be honest, I doubt that. It sounds better to call one of the sexy escorts in Oslo and enjoy proper fellatio like you deserve. Afterwards, you can each enjoy a piece of that watermelon.

The Softer, the Better!

Electronic appliances and food are not the only things people use when they masturbate. Actually, I think everything can be used to rub your pussy or stuck your penis in it. Unless it’s too sharp or too hard, of course.

So, women hump their couches, the corner of their beds, pillows and even stuffed animals for a little pleasure. Whatever is soft works for their pussies!

At the same time, men can also stick their penis between two pillows or in a sock, but they don’t need this that much since a free hand and some oil are enough. Yes, that’s why you are always out of body lotion and sometimes even out of olive oil. The cheeky guys use it to rub their penises!

Be Cautious, Your Private Parts Are Precious!

As mentioned before, many everyday items can be used as sex toys for a little naughty pleasure. But no matter what you choose to play with, you have to be careful, clean it and use a condom to protect yourself!

Also, try not to use sharp, pointy objects, wood, glass or object that have small parts which can get stuck inside you.

Last but not least, unless we are talking about food, which you probably don’t plan to eat it afterwards, make sure you wash the objects you used. I mean, don’t put the electric toothbrush back where it was before your orgasm, especially if it’s your partner’s!

Did You Ever Use a Household Item Used as a Sex Toy?

And if you did, how was it? If you have any cool stories, tips and advice please share them with us by commenting in the box below or on our friendly online escorting community. We would really like to hear your story!

Anna Smith

Anna Smith

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Anna Smith

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