14 Fetishes From Around the World!

A fetish is a sexual attraction to non-living objects like leather, nonsexual body parts like feet, or in specific sexual activities like spanking. Anything and everything can essentially turn someone on. The good, the bad and the ugly each respectively yield an erotic compulsion to some sexy person somewhere.

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Rick Castro is a bad ass photographer and director dude whose work focuses on bondage and sado-masochistic sex. He broke down the erotic art of fetishism eloquently when he said, “Fetish is the exploration of sex as art and the refinement of one’s personal desires. Anything can be fetished…There’ll be new fetishes forever. I feel that the 21st century is all about the fetish.’

To celebrate the century of fetish, we’ve collected the strangest, most uncommon and often times baffling sexual sub cultures from across this kinky globe and listed them below for your sexy consideration. They may turn you off, yet these unbelievable obsessions are turning others on!

1. Bondage like an Egyptian

Mummification bondage is exotic and erotic to some. Bondage is restraining a partner for erotic stimulation. It’s an interesting twist if and when you’re into BDSM. Mummified bondage may sound stifling to some but to fetishists it has them feeling like a tomb raider!

2. Bladder desperation

Omorashi means “to wet oneself.” This wet fetish involves urinating on oneself or watching someone with a full bladder relieve themself. The arousal is said to come from having a full bladder. This unusual Japanese fetish has fetishists watching well dressed, dignified people suffering from a bladder that’s about to burst. It’s climatic to watch as they can no longer hold it and they wet themselves in public. Curious about more kinky information concerning the erotic nature of piss play then check out our Watersports Guide!

3. Navel Play

Bellybutton torture or naval fetishism is when someone is attracted to the human navel. A navel fetishist is turned on by key words, thoughts and forms of interaction with navels. Licking the navel or pouring honey, whipped cream or chocolate sauce around the navel and sucking it up surely produces erotic sensations in this highly erogenous zone. However, naval torture involves sucking, dripping hot wax on it, poking pins into it and stabbing it. While you may not want to torture your belly button, placing an ice cube on it is titillating!

4. Wash my hair like you meant it

Tripsolagnia is sexual arousal caused by someone else shampooing your hair. It’s true, someone shampooing your hair feels great but to some it’s highly erotic too. After a trip to the hairstylist, I experienced a male technician give me the hair wash of my life. The sensual way he went about it was enough to get me wet in other places. So much so that I gave him a tip for his kinky service!

5. Eye ball licking

Oculolinctus is also known as ‘worming.’ This eyeball-licking fetishism is the practice of licking eyeballs for erotic gratification. It became a trend in Japanese teenagers, as well as in the U.S. Virgin Islands. While there are plenty of other things to lick on the body, worming enthusiasts insist that their fetish is eye licking good!

6. Rev your engines

Mechanophilia is the sexual attraction to machines such as bicycles, motor vehicles, helicopters and airplanes. The love of machines fascinates enthusiasts of this fetish to a place of arousal and climax. Fetishists have to be careful not to be caught in the act if they’re in the UK since if you’re caught you could face prosecution and your name being placed on the sex offenders register. Losing your virginity in the backseat of a pickup truck is one thing, but these machinist fetishists like grinding their gears at the same time that machines are grinding theirs. Machine lovers will be interested to read about the kinky future in, The Rise of shagging the sexy machine!

7. Horsey ride

Pony play is a form of role play where one participant plays the part of horse. Usually it’s kids that climb onto an adults back and demand a horsey ride. Pony play fetishists are essentially practicing ‘petplay.’ They are participating in a dominant/submissive relationship where one is treated like an animal. Animal rights activists should settle down, no actual animals are used in this fetish; just kinky party animals!

8. Criminal Attraction

Hybristophilia is sexual arousal from having a partner that you know committed an outrage or a crime. In modern culture, this phenomenon is known as ‘Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome.’ It’s this desire that has criminals receiving fan mail in prison and in some cases, the fetishist has gone on to marry the object of their affections. Such was the case with 80 year old Charles Manson when he was granted license to marry a 26 year old woman!

9. Human furniture

Forniphilia is an extreme form of bondage and sexual objectification. A person is incorporated into a chair, table, cabinet or other pieces of furniture. They’re tightly bonded and are expected to stay there for a prolonged period of time. It’s typically women that become human furniture, which would be sexist IF some women weren’t actually enjoying it!

10. Sexy Amputees

Acrotomophilia is the strong sexual interest in amputees. In a survey of acrotomophiles, leg amputations were preferred over arm amputations, amputations of a single limb over double amputations, and amputations that left a stump over amputations that left no stump. Read more about this kinky fetish in the erotic story, When a Soldier is rewarded!

11. Kinky Teddy Bears

Ursusagalmatophilia or Plushophilia is a sexual paraphilia involving stuffed animals. While some started off exploring their sexuality by grinding against a pillow or a stuffed animal others just kept doing it because it felt good. Whilst most teddy bear fetishists have no sexual attraction to bears in real life, they sure are attracted to the stuffed version. It’s said that Ted, a newly released movie, has become a sex symbol for this fetish’s kinky movement!

12. Love bugs

Formicophilia is the sexual interest in being crawled upon and nibbled by insects! It involves placing the insects on erogenous zones. This placement and its movement creates a tickling sensation as well as a psychological feeling of distress. Some people get off from the feeling that they are in danger because fear releases adrenaline into the body. Whilst insects usually bug most people, too some sexy people it’s highly arousing.

13. The messier the better

Salirophilia involves deriving pleasure from dirtying and disheveling your partner. It may involve tearing their clothing, covering them in dirt or messing up their hair and makeup. This fetish is not about harming them, it’s more about the process of making them go from clean to dirty. These fetishists most likely also defaced statues and pictures when they were growing up too!

14. Tickle time

Titillagnia is a form of BDSM play. It’s the perfect mixture of pain and pleasure. In this exchange there’s a tickle top and a tickle bottom. The tickle bottom laughs until they cry, urinate, climax or pass out. Whilst this tickles some people’s fancy you may try it and find that it’s too much. Check out ‘The Kinky Guru looks at Tantric Sex’ blog and discover new sexy tantric techniques that have the capacity to tickle you deep within!

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