What Is Voyeurism And Why Is It So Hot?

We all love watching porn. It’s a huge turn on to see some of our hottest fantasies come to life with the help of our favourite porn stars. But what some of us find even more exciting is that act of watching others get sexual pleasure. We love to see people fucking each other hard and fast and it gives us a real thrill to do so. But why is voyeurism such a big turn on? Continue reading What Is Voyeurism And Why Is It So Hot?

Why Escorts Won’t See You if You Are Drunk

Imagine that tonight you are going to have a date with a hot and sexy girl. You don’t know her yet, but you have talked with her about what you are going to do. The plan consists of meeting in the main street of the town, and then walking while you are looking for a place to have a dinner. It’s seems like it is going to be a great night, both of you have agreed that after the dinner, you can have some drinks at your home. This means that the night may get even better. Continue reading Why Escorts Won’t See You if You Are Drunk

How To Play With Breasts

Women’s breasts are the symbol of femininity by excellence. There are a range of different forms: big rounded boobs, small with a gap between each breast, or with the form of a pear among many others. However, there is no doubt that most men love this physical feature, and it’s one of the first things that awakes excitation for heterosexual males. This could explain why it’s very common to find men who play with the breasts crushing them like there isn’t tomorrow, and when women feel this, we ask ourselves what does he want to do with them? In brief, nobody is perfect. Continue reading How To Play With Breasts

Should You Try Pegging?

Those of you keen to try out a number of different kinky things in the bedroom might be tempted by ass play. It is a taboo, which only makes us want to do it more. It is like hanging a sign saying “wet paint” and expecting us not to test it. The more we are told “you shouldn’t want to stick things in your ass”, the more we want to. That is why so many people are interested in pegging. Continue reading Should You Try Pegging?

5 Anal Sex Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

People are into all kinds of kinky things, but amazing, anal sex is still one of the hottest taboos out there. It is still seen as a taboo because people don’t like the idea of butt stuff, and so you are frowned upon for showing any interest in this kinky sex act. This makes it difficult to find information about anal when you want to try it, and so you are more likely to make anal sex mistakes. Continue reading 5 Anal Sex Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

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